This earth gets thousands of plastic bottles every year. And, detergent bottles are found almost in every household. What about you? It might be more than ten detergent bottles in your storage. Why don’t you repurpose them to become more functional things? It will help the country to reduce plastic bottles and make the earth better. In this section, we show you our ideas of repurposing bottles that are affordable and easy to do. Furthermore, you need not spend a lot of money.

DIY Book Holders

Diy book holders


Save your books, file folders, or magazines in this DIY book holder. Sure, it will not need a lot of money because the materials are there in your laundry room. Just make it clean and cut the upper part of the bottle. Then, arrange some bottles on your desk.

Faux Animal Head Decor

What a cool craft is this! See how this animal head changes your kids’ room decoration instantly. Yes, you can make this faux animal head with your kids this week. Take a detergent bottle and other supplies like bottle caps, glue, and other things that you want to add.

DIY Little Dollhouses

Make this dun DIY little dollhouse with your little girl might become the most interesting project this week. Choose pink detergent bottles, soft blue, or other pastel colors. So, it will look cute. Trace the line to create doors and windows with marker and cut it out.

DIY Pretty Garden Light

Upgrade your garden decor by adding this DIY pretty garden light made of an unused detergent bottle. Choose a white detergent bottle. So, you don’t need to repaint it.  What you need to do is only cut the bottles into the shape you want. In this picture, the creator makes a Tulip shape that looks so elegant.

Repurposed Detergent Bottle Pet Food Scoop

What a cute pet food scoop it! You can make it with your kids this weekend. Sure, nothing hard to do. Just cut the upper part of the bottle and decor it with some felt or flannel. This picture shows a cute animal pet food scoop with cute decor that you can copy.

DIY Bird Toy From Detergent Bottle

It is such a great time to make a new toy with your kid today. And, easy materials are what you need to complete your genius project. A detergent bottle is the best material to make this cool bird. Just add the wings and googly eyes. Feel free to give more legs or not. Oh, you can add a line to make a piggy bank as well.



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