It’s time for a family adventure. Summer holidays are coming. Camping is just one of the best activities we can do with our family. Feel the warm weather, enjoy the view, and have fun with DIY projects while camping. Then, you will see how excited your family will be. However, during camping, your kids might feel so bored. You have to ask them to make something. Read this article further! You will see a camping craft project that your family will love.

Paper Wind Sock Craft

Paper wind sock craft


Asking kids to make camping crafts is a good idea. What about making paper wind sock craft? It will need colored construction paper, a stapler, scissors, a hole punch, a curling ribbon, decorative tape, markers, and stickers. Make sure you have prepared all of them before. See the tutorial from Made with Happy and style it as your desire.

DIY Tic-Tac-Toe Game

Whenever you choose the camp area, you will always see small rocks. Use them to make painted rock tic-tac-toe. You only need to bring paints in various colors. Choose and give them color. For the game board, you can use a big wooden slice. See the detailed instructions from Run Wild My Child.

DIY Lantern for Camping

The lantern will make your camping nights brighter. Prepare the supplies with a plastic jar, plastic bowl, scissors, cotton rope, wider ribbon, glow stick, and small Velcro. For the inner liner, you will need spray paint, colorful tissue paper, parchment paper, and a glue stick. Let’s paint the plastic bowl and jar. Read further steps from Barley and Brich

DIY Juice Box Boat Craft

Don’t throw away the juice box at first. You can use it to entertain your kid during the camping days. If you end up near water, you can play with a sailboat. You will need a juice box, printable flag or colored paper, straws, paint, paintbrush, tape, and scissors. Begin by poking a small hole in the juice box to attach to the straw. Check out the detailed instructions from Made with Happy.

DIY Orange Bird Feeder

Begin by cutting an orange in half. Scope out all the fruit and leave the orange bowl. Use a wooden dowel and poke it through one side of the orange bowl to the cross side. Take one more wooden dowel to poke the opposite side crossing over. Cut twine into four pieces and tie them to each end of the wooden dowel. What do you think? Easy, huh? Hang the orange bird feeder on a branch of a tree.  


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