You might already decorate your spring home entirely. However, what about your dinnerware? You use them every day. Make your fragile items look gorgeous this spring by decorating them beautifully. Take your plain plates and bowls. Before decorating them, check out our list below! We have gathered inspiring ideas to decorate dinnerware in minutes. Hopefully, they will trigger your creative mind.

DIY Polka Dot Plates

What an adorable plate ever! Anyone can recreate it in minutes. Usually, this plate is for Easter. No matter what, you can use it anytime, including in spring. To make this polka dot plate, you will need ceramic paint pens, plain ceramic white dishes, and an oven. Check out the tutorials here.

DIY Watercolor Plates

They are so charming. It’s time to show your artistic skills. Let’s gather porcelain oven-safe plates, paintbrushes, and small glass jars. Start by adding a small amount of color to each glass jar. After that, add in the thinner until the watercolors are consistent. Mix them using a wooden stick. Take the brushes and drop the paint onto the clean plates. Let them dry and bake for 35 minutes. See the instructions here.

Brushstroke Painted Plates

You will need assorted paints, dinner plates, and paintbrushes. Let’s make painted plates in your version. Start by cleaning your plates using alcohol. Then, apply the paint in any coloring technique you like. It is so easy. Check out the detailed instructions here.

Dishwasher Safe Painted Dishes

You might not believe these dishes are painted well with just two paints. Get Porcelain Chine paint in vermeil gold and anthracite black. Design the dishes you want. It might be a triangle, polka dot, or spiral. Read here to see the steps for making this craft.

DIY Sharpie Dinnerware

It is amazing. You can draw a beautiful pattern on the dinnerware with a sharpie marker. Then, bake them at 350 degrees or 30 minutes. The design you have made will stay permanently. Dare to try this craft? See the tutorials here and create the design you want.

DIY Lettered Dinner Plates

Make your tabletop looks more stylish by improving your dinner plate design. Gather glass plates, printer paper, chalk maker, white acrylic paint pen, scissors, and tape. Write your phrase on the paper, and put it on the back of the plate. Then, trace it using a white acrylic pen to the plate. Easy, huh? We believe you can finish it in minutes.


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