Silver finish will lead our home look modern and stylish. It is something that anyone can customize. You are free to turn your home item into silver. Just like gold, silver also brings a new feeling to our home. Whenever we add a silver thing, it will become the focal interest. It adds a shiny look without overwhelming it. Let’s see further! We have collected DIY ideas to turn home items into silver to upgrade your decoration. Read and get more inspiration.

DIY Shining Textured Vase

Diy shining textured vase



It’s nice adding this shining textured vase to our decor. This easy project is also affordable. You don’t have to spend even a penny. Just take a vase, make lines using hot glue, and paint it silver. Then, you will get it looks eye-catching. Check the tutorials here.

DIY Silver Stamped Spoon Wall Art

Well. It might not be an easy project, but you will love the result. Let’s gather the supplies. You will need silver plate spoons, a rubber hammer, screws, a drill with a metal bit, and joy. You can write your name or organizational message on it. Check out the tutorials here.

DIY Silver Washers Nightstand

If you have an IKEA nightstand, improving its look might be a great idea. Nothing to do with the drawers. You only need to change the color. Then, add silver knobs to get it to look eye-catching. Easy, huh? Check out the tutorials here. You can do so for your nightstand in your version.

DIY Silver Interior Lampshade

It’s a great idea. Changing the interior lampshade into silver is easy. You only need to paint it with silver color. So, it will reflect the light perfectly when you turn it on. It gives a shiny look without overwhelming it. Then, it provides a unique detail. Dare to make this craft? Check out the detailed instructions here.

Vintage Inspired Silver Painted Chair

Imagine you sit here one day. It will give you a vintage feeling. A silver chair reflects classic touches more than you wish. It is an easy project. You only have to paint the chair silver and let it dry. Check out the instruction here.

Silver Painted Straw Accessories

Will you go to a beach in the summer? Wearing silver accessories will shine your day. Paint your hat, shoes, and bag in silver. Then, you will appear as beautiful as you wish. Get a picture of you wearing them and be shiny. Check out the tutorials here and customize them in your version.


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