Using natural pieces to decorate our home is a brilliant idea. You can use wooden sticks or branches to add rustic value to your decor. They are simple and affordable. Take some of them in the garden. Use them to make new elements. Improving your home decoration doesn’t have to spend much money. Let’s see the list below! We have gathered DIY stunning projects that you can make as soon as possible. Have fun!

DIY Tree Branch Closet



Look at this simple closet! It is true that anyone can make it in less than an hour. Just hang the branch using a rope. Then, arrange your clothes with a hanger there. Easy, huh? You are free to paint it white or other colors you like.

DIY Wooden Branch Coaster

What do you think of them? They are cute coasters made of wooden slices. Cut out a wooden branch into some slices. Write down any words to them. Feel free to design them with anything you want. This super easy craft is adorable. You don’t have to spend a penny. Check out the tutorials here.

DIY Big Branch Table Pedestal

Well. It’s just awesome! You can make this stunning table too. Take a big branch and cut it out. Make sure that it can stand stably. Attach the top. Keep it strong using hot glue. Anyone who comes will directly spend his attention on this table pedestal. Check out the detailed instructions here.

DIY Branch Wall Hook

You will find these branches in the garden. Cut them and paint them white. Attach them to the wall. Cool, huh? It is not a tricky project. Even a newbie can make it in less than an hour. These wall hooks show a natural feeling but work well for a modern tone. See the tutorials here and style them in your version.

DIY Twig Lampshade

If you love shabby chic, let’s try making this twig lampshade. We will need more Wooden sticks. Attach them to the lampshade one by one using hot glue. It will create a visual effect on your decor. You will adore how it manipulates the light that shines behind it. See here for detailed instructions.

DIY Twig and Branch Table

Combine long branches and finish it with the smaller cut pieces. We can turn them into a cool table. It is something that you can make easily. It looks like a cottage coffee table. Take a wooden box, and attach the wooden slices one by one. Then, finish it by attaching the long twice. Check it out here.


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