To use holiday time more fun, what about asking your teens to create crafts? Choose projects that are easy to make. They might love it after seeing the result. Teach them how to be a DIY lover that can change anything into a more functional piece. There are various crafts to explore and spread out on the internet. In this article, we will show you teens projects to make in an afternoon. Check out further below!

Modern Wall Hanging

Modern wall hanging


It will be nice to create a modern wall hanging pieces with your hand. The teens will love it too. Further, they don’t have to use a machine or applying hard techniques. This project is a piece of cake, even if they never made these crafts before.

Frame With Bold Pattern

Upgrading frames with your own personal touches will be so interesting. Apply bold patterns that other people can’t find anywhere. Use these frames for your photos also a great idea. What are you waiting for? Just prepare some paints and decide the patterns.

Striped Throw Rug

We love the rainbow pattern that looks so cheerful and fun. This project is easy to make and affordable. Take some old t-shirts and cut them into small pieces. By using simple weaving kits, the teens will finish this DIY craft in a few hours.

Cute Earring Holder

Frames are not only for photos. The creator of this DIY shows us that those can be used for earring holders as well. However, your teens should change the frame to look more cheerful with bright colors. So, it will appear more attractive and chic for teens.

Cute Necklace From Pom Poms

See these cute necklaces that any teenagers will love. The creators combine the chain and pom poms with a little ribbon. Feel free to customize the colors and sizes based on your need. Oh, you can make bracelet pom poms too.

Makeup Brushes Holder

Consider repurposing an old jar candle as a makeup brushes holder will be a simple yet cool DIY project. You don’t need to change anything. Fill the glass or jar with sands or faux sands. Then, put on your makeup brushes there.

Rainbow Yarn Hanging Wall

If your teens love a rustic touch, ask them to create this cool yarn hanging wall. We love the rainbow pattern that shows teens’ spirit that full of fun and happiness. Feel free to decide the colors as they like.

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