Are you ready for summer? It is not only you have to prepare your clothes but also room decor to welcome summer. What about decorate your room with lantern this year? It sounds fun and easy right? You only need to prepare old lantern, or you can buy the new one, with some summer accent pieces like faux flowers fruits.

Some people will upgrade their outdoor decor at summer. Summer is about colors, fun, and cheerful. You will see sunrise at morning that shines brightly and sunset at evening with beautiful view. Improve your outdoor by adding colorful lights that easy and affordable to make.

You might have a dream to see the stars at night right in front of your eyes. Stars will trigger your dream and give you more spirit of life. Though they actually far from your childhood imagination. Bring celestial at home is possible even sophisticated ideas. Like these following rooms;

Looking for something that renewable for your home decoration? Try to use cork. With its neutral color, it will blend to any other room theme. Moreover, it is eco-friendly that will not break your bank. So, what are you waiting for? Take a look further how to use cork for room decoration below;

Murphy bed may become one of the solutions for you who only have a small bedroom. This murphy bed also occurs to be set at your home office. Make sure, you have enough material for make this project. Don’t worry, it doesn’t cost much. Here are some murphy bed ideas for you to save the space;

Adding some details for your clay pot will actually upgrade your garden look. It will dramatically change the view of your house to be more impressive. Your clay pot flower will be one of the best interesting vies of your house. Just one of the best DIY clay flower pot craft ideas below;

For you who loves chicken, having a chicken coop may be one of the most important place to save their lovely chickens. But, a place for chicken to stay should have aesthetic value as well. Just pay attention to the design and color of the chicken coop. Here are some awesome chicken coop design ideas for you to save your chicken;