Glitter and mason jar are two things that really common for the DIY craft projects. Not only common, those things also flexible as it can be used to make several crafts. It covers from the stand out DIY glitter ornament to the functional stuff like lighting or vase.

Glitter has sparkling colors where there will be so many awesome DIY glitter craft you can make. Here, the sparkle is suitable to make the things even more beautiful. Glitter can make your furniture and ornament seem luxurious where it usually used to decorate candle holders, mason jar, plant pots and so on.

It is no doubt that glitter is something pretty and stand out to be utilized for your craft project. The other interesting thing about glitter is that it exists in several different color and texture. You can have it in small pieces or even the bigger one.

It is really possible for you to make the DIY project for your super bowl decoration theme. You can even make it by using the paper which is really cheap. In this case, talking about the decoration things, there are some DIY super bowl ornament that will effectively bring out the impression that you need.

There are many ways to make Super Bowl party decoration more fun. Decorating the food is one of them to really provide the good Super Bowl serving decoration. Moreover, creativity is important to attract your friends’ interests to like food and eat more deliciously.

We have to prepare the Super Bowl celebration decoration with a variety of snacks and beverages. Moreover, you should also provide the Super Bowl ornament to make sure that your celebration is festive enough.

Not only when you are gong to held the party celebration, super bowl theme can also applied into your home during weeks or even a month. It is quite worthy especially when you are such a big fan of football. Well basically there are some DIY super bowl craft ornament from your party decor that can still utilized as the home decoration.

In celebrating the super bowl, you can make the decoration with super bowl theme into your home. In this case, you don’t need to buy all new stuff since you can make the DIY of it. It is not only affordable but also can cover your needs in decoration at once.

Having the romantic things for your Christmas celebration doesn’t mean that you should buy new stuff. In this case, you can amazingly make the DIY project to really fulfil your desire. Again, you could also save your money since it won’t cost too much as if you buy the new stuff.

On Valentine’s day, we usually prepare a gift to someone. Gifts can help someone express their sincere feelings for the people you care about. Unique homemade Valentine gifts have a deep meaning because there is more effort you give to make the best Valentine gifts for your couple or parents.