53 Boho DIY Crafts that You will Adore

A bohemian craft design concept is describing a free lifestyle. Bohemian style crafts are usually made of natural and vintage materials. In addition, crafts that have boho theme are characterized by intricate patterns, ethnicity, colors, and vintage.

8 Best DIY with Rustic Touches to Bring into Your Home Decor

Rustic can always be a good choice in case you want to have the warm atmosphere in old things. The good thing about it is that you can even make the DIY of it. It will be great because you can create something that you really want based on your needs. Moreover, it will also really affordable since you can manage the design based on your budget.

21 Rustic DIY Crafts by Using Jute Rope

Hemp rope usually has many functions in daily life. Its function is not only to tie it but it turns out that you can use jute rope to decorate a variety of furniture. Moreover, jute rope creations will bring interesting rustic stuff and nautical nuances to your home.

21 Impressive DIY Rustic Ornament for Your Home Decor

Nowadays, there are so many themes that you can apply in your home interior design. If you are one of those who are happy with nature and all things natural, it is not a fault to integrate this natural-themed interior into the house. One theme that you can apply is a rustic style where you can apply some adorable rustic stuff.

9 Most Creative DIY Glitter Craft Project Ideas

Glitter is something that could be really interesting because of its stand out look. Moreover, it also has some different colors which really flexible for the use especially for the DIY glitter craft. For the application itself, it could be applied into any stuff from the accessories, DIY ornament, or something more functional like bag.

22 Best Ways to Apply the Glitter into Your DIY Craft

Who doesn’t like glitter? That shiny little object sweetens a variety of accessories trinkets. For craftsmanship, glitter powder has rather large particles and makes this product have a sparkling effect when used on the accessories. That is why it is really worthy to be used as the DIY glitter craft.

21 Creative DIY Mason Jar Ideas with Glitter Decoration

Glitter and mason jar are two things that really common for the DIY craft projects. Not only common, those things also flexible as it can be used to make several crafts. It covers from the stand out DIY glitter ornament to the functional stuff like lighting or vase.

21 Stand Out DIY Glitter Ornament for Your Home Decoration

Glitter has sparkling colors where there will be so many awesome DIY glitter craft you can make. Here, the sparkle is suitable to make the things even more beautiful. Glitter can make your furniture and ornament seem luxurious where it usually used to decorate candle holders, mason jar, plant pots and so on.