9 DIY Barbecue Grill Set Ideas for Summer Party

Let’s celebrate summer by creating an outdoor party with family and friends; barbecue party. It is fun to enjoy the grilled dishes while hanging around with the one you love. When barbecue-ing, you need to install some functional and lasting longer barbecue grills, but it may be a task of bigger investment for sure. If you have a problem like that, a DIY is a great option for you. Check out these 9 DIY barbecue grill set ideas for summer party below that we believe won’t robe your bank account.

9 Attractive DIY Shorts Ideas to Try This Summer

Wearing shorts is a must to beat the summer heat. To feel less hot during summer, go on with bare arms and bare legs. So if you are decided to expose your legs this summer, wearing some DIY shorts would be a great idea. It is also good to increase the air circulation to your body. Check out these 9 attractive DIY shorts ideas to try this summer below and have a nice summer holiday!

8 Creative DIY Ideas to Use Chicken Nesting Boxes

Wooden or galvanized metal chicken nesting boxes are not just for your backyard. They can actually looks great inside your home. There are so many DIY projects that you can make using chicken nesting boxes. Check out these 8 creative DIY ideas to use chicken nesting boxes below to inspire you. So, the next time you go thrifting, flea market or shopping, keep your eyes out for chicken nesting boxes.

8 Creative Things To Make With Cardboard

Cardboard is one of the most versatile, free, accessible craft supplies and most of you have it at home. Instead of throwing it away, why don’t you try to make something useful from cardboard. With cardboard, we can make some cool cardboard craft and even a furniture! Check out these 8 creative things to make with cardboard below to inspire you.

8 Clever And Easy DIY Ideas to Make From Old Towel

If you have some old towel that no longer being used anymore, reuse them into something good. You can make it as something useful for your house. Check out these 8 clever and easy DIY ideas to make from old towel below. Happy DIY-ing!

9 DIY Projects out of PVC Pipe You Should Make

PVC is one of the most produced synthetic plastic polymers that comes in both rigid and flexible forms. After serving the primary home plumbing needs, PVC pipes are becoming one of the most preferred material in DIY project. The PVC DIY projects are cost-effective and easy to make. Just stack simply the PVC pipes, spray paint and decorate them to get stunning DIY project using PVC pipes. Here are  9 DIY projects out of PVC pipe you should make below.

8 DIY Home Fragrance Ideas That Smell Really Amazing

Everyone love something that smells good. And many of us likes having a good fragrance at home. It makes you feel comfortable, relax and happy at the same times. You can make your own air fresheners, wax melts, potpourri, and even diffusers for your own or even as a cheap gifts for holidays or even birthdays. Check out these 8 DIY home fragrance ideas that smells really amazing below.

8 DIY Rugs to Beautify Any Flooring Space of Your Home

There are so many function that rug can give. It add a pop of color of your space, and also make your floor clean and warmer. So, if you are on a budget but still want to have something that match with your space, consider having a rug. Check out these 8 DIY rugs to beautify any flooring space of your home below to inspire you, and happy DIY-ing.

8 DIY Garage Storage Ideas to Organize your Equipment

Garage is a space to do quick repairs and fix something. And there are so many materials, tools and equipment that you have and it should be well organized, otherwise you may leave with short storage space there that may cause problems. But buying a new storage to keep it all will break your bank account. Worry not, let’s make your garage space better and organized with these 8 DIY garage storage ideas to organize your equipment below to inspire you.

10 Smart DIY Corner Bench Ideas to Try

The corners of a room or an interior can be the first target when you intending to boost the decors. You can install the corner shelves that will not use an inch of your room space and will give you an amazing station to display your decors. This time, we will give you some DIY projects to make your own corner bench using the new and recycled wood, or even an old furniture pieces that are no longer in use. Check out these 10 Smart DIY Corner Bench Ideas that will make great inspiration for your own space below.