We know teenagers have more energy to do many activities in a day. They have more spirit and feel happy almost all day. It will be so much fun to ask them to create DIY projects. There are plenty of fun crafts. They are perfect for teenagers to trigger creativity. Some of them might be worthy. They can earn a lot of money by selling their products. Let’s check out our list below! We have collected DIY projects for teenagers that will inspire them.

DIY Modern Wall Hanging

Diy modern wall hanging


For the one who loves bohemian style, make this modern wall hanging. Tie the yarn on a wooden stick and hang it on the wall using a hoop. Use different yarn colors for more colorful wall decor. However, neutral colors work better for modern home decoration. Check out the tutorials from Homey Oh My.

DIY Rainbow Rug

How many old T-shirts are in your wardrobe? Let’s turn them into valuable products. See the tutorials from A Piece of Rainbow. You will see how to make a DIY rug. Teenagers will be happy making this rainbow rug with their hands. Moreover, the materials are cheap.

DIY Sugar Scrub

Making sugar scrub will need refined shea butter, apricot oil, and lavender essential oil. White sugar, cosmetic mineral micas, gold glitter, jars, and permanent marker. Start by whipping on shea butter until it is light and fluffy. It will need at least two minutes. See the detailed instructions from A Beautiful Mess.

DIY Earring Holder

Present earring holders for teenagers in a different way. Using bright and unexpected colors will emboss the frame. Put on the earrings in various styles. So, the earring holder you have will not just be a storage but also a decorative accent. Check out the tutorials here.

DIY Felt Ball Necklace

Teenagers usually like pom poms with colorful touches. What about making a DIY felt ball necklace? You will need pom poms, a golden chain, jump rings, and a ribbon. Whether you want to make an elegant or playful necklace, check out the tutorials from Polka Dot Chair.

DIY Copper Wire Inspiration Board

Let them see their photos on the wall. It is a simple way to keep the memories. They can use this inspiration board to put on their ideas. Write down any ideas on paper and display them on the board. Prepare hammer, tape measure, thick plywood, pliers, copper nails, gauge copper jewelry wire, and pencil. Check out the detailed instructions here.


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