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Tremendous DIY Project Ideas to Create from Tile

We work hard to improve our floor look with new tiles. After it, there are some leftover tiles elsewhere. What will we do with them? Saving them in storage will need more space. If we don’t have a warehouse, then what? Using it to make new items for our home might be a brilliant idea. Leftover tiles are strong enough to make a vase, table, or more. Check out our list below! We will show how to repurpose leftover tiles into new things.

DIY Gorgeous Tile Book Case

Diy gorgeous tile book case


If you have an old bookcase that already looks dull. Why don’t you makeover it soon? We can use leftover tiles to spruce it up. Attach the tiles on the backdrop using glue. Then, you will get a new bookcase look. It might need several hours, but the result will make you feel satisfied.

DIY Marble Hexagon Wall Hooks

Hang your items here. Marble hexagon wall hooks are easy to make. You will need adhesive glue, wooden blocks, drills, and bolts. We love the hexagon shape that adds a modern touch to the wall. You can finish this project in less than an hour according to how many hooks you will make. Check out more here to see more instructions.

Decorate Tile Tray

Decorating with trays will finish your kitchen look perfect. Look at this tray. It is from a piece of marble tile. Don’t you want to create the same thing? It is easy and affordable because you don’t need to buy new tools or supplies. See here to get more about the steps of making a tile tray.

DIY Tile Flower Vase

Roll hexagon stone mosaics to the vase you have by using adhesive glue. Easy, right? You can finish it in minutes. You can create it as long as you have the tools and supplies. Look here to know the instructions.

Pretty Ceramic Plant Stand

Make your plant stand version by adding ceramics on the top. First, get an old stool. You can buy it at a dollar store or garage sale too. Second, attach the ceramic tile to it. Take a look here for the details. 

DIY Tile Plant Pot

It is a perfect project to do this week. The tile pots look so gorgeous for any plant. Furthermore, those tile plant pots will give a Moroccan touch to your decor. What do you think? You can use them for your plant or sell them online. 


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