The springs show blooms anywhere. It’s time to enjoy them outside. However, when this season is over, we will miss flowers with their colorful petals. Grab your tools and supplies. Let’s make crafts with the kids. Hopefully, you will enjoy every second you spend with them. We give you the ideas in the list below. Look at them and start crafting. We are sure you and your kids can finish making them in minutes. Check out and get inspired.

Grape Hyacinths Pipe Cleaner Craft

Grape hyacinths pipe cleaner craft


Let’s add a beautiful splash of purple to your home. To make these grape hyacinths, you will need a purple pipe cleaner, a green pipe cleaner, and a knitting needle. Start by placing the green pipe cleaner on the knitting needle and wind the purple cleaner around it.

Tissue Paper and Pipe Cleaner Flowers

Enjoy the beauty of flowers in terms of tissue paper. Those are pretty petals that will give your room beautiful colors. We will use pipe cleaners to make the stems and leaves. See the process of making these crafts from Mommalew. You can create as many as possible.

DIY Pipe Cleaner Tulips

You will need red pipe cleaners, green pipe cleaners, scissors, and rulers. Start by cutting the red pipe cleaners into several smaller parts. Fold them in half one by one. Line them up with end pieces at the top and the folds at the bottom. Bunch them together with the green pipe cleaner in the middle.

Pipe Cleaner Flower Craft

This flower craft will make your room looks cheerful. Let’s gather the tools and supplies. We need pipe cleaners, buttons, popsicle sticks, paint, mini terra cotta pots, green crinkle paper shred, glue, and recycled newspaper to fill the terra cotta pots. Check out the detailed instructions here and start creating.

DIY Pipe Cleaner Daffodils

These are beautiful Daffodils. They are easy to make. Prepare yellow pipe cleaners, an orange pipe cleaner, a green pipe cleaner, and a hot glue gun. Roll yellow pipe cleaners to make the daffodils’ petals. Add the green pipe cleaner in the middle. Check out more tutorials from One Little Project and customize them to your style.

Pipe Cleaner Heart Flowers

What do you think of these flowers? They are made of red pipe cleaners, a green pipe cleaner, and small pieces of green felt. Get a pencil, scissors, and a printable template to create them. Start by wrapping your pipe cleaners around the pencils. Check out more tutorials from Art Appeal.


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