Thanks to the spring come with blooms elsewhere. It’s time to ask our kids to play outside. They might be bored spending time indoors during the cold season. They are free to do anything in the garden where they are safe. Ask them to make some crafts. We believe they will enjoy spring projects. Check out our list below. We have gathered spring garden crafts for kids. What are you waiting for? Let’s have fun with them!

Colorful DIY Tin Can Windchime

Colorful diy tin can windchime


You will need tin cans in any size. Let your kids paint and decorate them. Tie them together with a rope or twine. Then, hang them on a tree. You will hear beautiful sounds when the wind blows. This project is super easy. See the tutorials here.

DIY Garden Wish Flags

Your kid will love these crafts. Making garden flags is easy. You will need some white cotton fabric and paints. Let your kids design them with any color. Hang them to decorate your garden or lawn.

Cute DIY Garden Pinwheels

Here are creative garden pinwheels that your kids will adore. Making them is super easy. You will need plain paper, markers, scissors, pencils, erasers, pushpins, and a ruler. Start by cutting your paper into a square. Draw lines from the corner to the middle. Check out more instructions here.

Melted Crayon Friendship Rocks

Use old broken crayons to decorate garden rocks. You will enjoy this project. Let your kids decorate them with colorful crayons. Write down the name of friends on each. These rocks are great for gifts too. See the tutorials here.

DIY Chia Pet

Recycle a soda bottle into a craft for your garden. Help your kids to make it. Cut the bottle. Put the soil and add chia, or you can use seeds. Decorate with googly eyes. Take paint and make the nose using the bottle cup. Check out more tutorials from Frugal Family Home. Feel free to customize the design.

DIY Ladybug Hotel

Some insects are actually beneficial to our gardens. Ladybugs, praying mantis, earwigs, and bees give many benefits. Make a hotel for them. We will need a birdhouse, a flat head screwdriver, outdoor paint, a tape measure, a saw, bamboo, wood glue, a sheet of moss, chicken wire, potting soil, and plants. You will need a staple and staples too. Check out the tutorial on how to build this insect hotel here.


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