The rain comes with uncountable water from the sky. It sometimes causes erosion in your home. It’s time to install DIY rain chains to overcome this problem. Look around your home! There might be several things that we can use to make the DIY project. It can be a metal spoon, bottle cap, or anything. Check out our list below! We have gathered DIY rain chain ideas that you can make soon. They will protect your home and improve your outdoor look.

DIY Upcycled Glass Bottle Top Rain Chain

Diy upcycled glass bottle top rain chain


Don’t throw away old glass bottles soon after you drink. We can use the top of them to make new things. In this case, we will make a DIY rain chain. You can use the bottom bottle to make DIY candle holders too. What are you waiting for? Start collecting glass bottles and cut them out.

Repurposed Metal Spoon Rain Chain

You will need spoons, wire, a drill, a sharp drill bit, needle nose pliers, and a bench vise. Start by deciding how long you want the rain chain to be. Check out the detailed instructions about how to make this project from Birds and Blooms. This rain chain will improve your garden or outdoor area with a rustic feel.

DIY Punch Bowl Cup Rain Chain

What do you think o this rain chain? It consists of some punch bowl cups that are arranged well vertically. We will need punch bowls, chains, nose pliers, and jump rings. Whenever the rain comes, it will control the water and prevent erosion.

Old Colander Rain Chain

Let’s make our outdoors looks gorgeous. You will need colanders, baling wire, and old rusty washers. You will hear a terrific gushing sound when the rain comes down from the gutter. It will be like a piece of music. It’s fabulous.

Recycled Glass and Glass Beads Rain Chain

It’s beautiful, huh? Having this rain chain will make your outdoors look so fabulous. We love the combination of recycled glass and glass beads. The rain will come down to the glass and continue to the ground.

Tea Cup Rain Chain

Do you love retro styles? This tea cup rain chain might interest you more than others. It features tea leaves, a teapot, three cups, and saucers. They are hung vertically on a sturdy metal chain. It completed well with a bell at the bottom of the chain. Hang this on a tree or garden structure to find beauty in the rain. This rain chain catches and releases rainwater after it trickles down.


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