Are you a garden lover? Try to improve your garden into a new look. What about upgrading your garden with PVC pipe? It will be a wonderful experience. Gardening with PVC pipes is innovative and inexpensive. You will save your budget and time to build a garden in your home area. Check out our list below! You will see PVC pipe garden ideas you can do as soon as possible. Choose which one will work better for your home!

Incredible Pipe Garden

Incredible pipe garden


Let us make your wall space looks alive. Adding an incredible pipe garden is one of the keys to creating a wonderful indoor garden. Paint the pipe in red color to have it more eye-catching. You can apply other hues like blue, green, pink, or orange.

Vertical PVC Pipe Garden

A vertical PVC pipe garden is perfect for a home with a small space. Measure the pipe size you want and cut the pipe. You can grow peppers, strawberries, tomatoes, and other vertical plants. Feel free to paint it first or not. It’s up to you.

DIY Plumbing Elbow Planters

For you who wish to plant succulents inside, this elbow planter might be what you need. It looks so pretty on the wall with beautiful shape and color. Customize the color you want. You can also hold eyeglasses, a pen or pencil, or many more.


You will need PVC couplings and caps to make DIY PVC pots. We love the design that is so simple and modern. We can put it inside or outside. Planting succulents, herbs, or cacti will not be hard at all. We believe you can finish this project in minutes. Prepare the tools and supplies. Check out the tutorials here

PVC Pipe Mosaic Planters

Don’t you want to make these cool planters? They are so adorable for your home. PVC pipe mosaic planters are easy to make. You will need mosaic tiles, broken ceramics, grout materials, tile adhesive, and PVC pipe. Check out more tutorials here.

DIY PVC Hanging Planter

Modern life forces us to live simply. Living in a tiny apartment will not allow us to have a garden instead of hanging planters. If you want to plant herbs, succulents, or other indoor plants, you can make a DIY PVC hanging planter after seeing the tutorials here. Hanging planters work well for one who has a space problem. 


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