Eco-friendly DIY products will never go out of date. One of them is made of water bottles. They are the perfect materials for DIY lovers. Use them to make accents to decorate the garden. DIY things from plastic water bottles will save our lovely earth. You can give a new life to old plastic bottles. Even you might earn more money by selling them. Read this article further! We have gathered DIY things from old plastic water bottles to decorate the garden. Hopefully, you will get more inspiration.

Upcycled Plastic Bottle Pig Planter



You will need an empty plastic bottle, a plastic cutter or scissors, pink spray paint, white spray paint, a spoon, a soldering iron, and an electric drill. Cut a plastic bottle into two parts. Paint the bottom part white, and use the upper part to make the pig’s ears. Draw the eyes using a black marker. Then, add the bottle cup as its nose. See more tutorials here.

DIY Adorable Elephant Garden Planter

You will need several different sizes of plastic bottles to make this adorable elephant garden planter. Prepare blue spray paint to color whole bottles. Use smaller bottles for the legs. You can use a plumbing pipe to make the elephant’s nose. Don’t forget to tape it into shape before gluing it into the elephant. Feel free to change the color to pink, yellow, or purple. 

DIY Donkey Plastic Bottle Planter

What do you think of it? This donkey plastic bottle is super cute. You will need a middle-size bottle to make the body. Then, use smaller bottles to make the legs, neck, and head. Use acrylic paint. Plant the flowers in the elephant’s body. Check out the tutorials here.

Plastic Bottle Ladybug Garden Decor

This ladybug can add a lot of charm to your garden. You will need empty plastic bottles and scissors. Cut the bottles to make the ladybug’s body and wings. Paint the wings red and add black dots. Paint the bottle cup black as well. Draw the face. If you want to make this craft, follow more instructions here.

Plastic Bottle Bird Water Feeder

There will be so many birds coming and going. Making a plastic bird water feeder is a great idea. You can allow those birds to drink when they get thirsty. It is a simple DIY craft for anyone. You will need an empty plastic gallon bottle, an empty plastic water bottle, wood, floral wire, screw and bolt, a soldering iron, scissors, a hot glue gun, and hot glue sticks. Check out further steps here.


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