Summer and spring are the time to play outside while enjoying the seasons. Your kids will be fun doing any activities on a playground. What about building a wooden swing set for them? They can climb, swing, and slide in one place. Let’s use our outdoor area to have a private playground for our lovely kids. In this way, you can control the cost and quality. Check out our ideas carefully in the list below! Feel free to build one of them in your backyard.

DIY Homemade Playing Set

Diy homemade playing set


What do you think of this playing set? If you own a large outdoor area, let’s make this set. There are two swings, a slide, and some elevated to play on a spring day. You will need at least $1000 to make this set. Most of that cost will be for lumber. Check out the tutorials from Instructables

DIY Freestanding Swing Set Plan

Look at this swing set! It is a simple but rustic-looking swing set that will make anyone adore it. It can handle up to four children. There are three rides. First, prepare the design. It shows a horizontal beam that will carry the swing weight. You will need lumber to build the vertical and horizontal supports. Build the ground support braces as well. The connectors you need will be galvanized bolts, washers, and nuts. Check out more tutorials from All Thumbs DIY.

DIY Clubhouse Play Set

Cool! It is a super fun DIY clubhouse play set ever. The kids can play with the turbo slide, swings, climbing wall, and play area. The materials needed are wood, cedar fence pickets, turbo tube slide, plastic telescope, exterior screws, cedar shingle siding, plywood siding, swing kit, plastic steering wheel, brad nails, bolts, washers, nuts, hinge kits, climbing rocks kits, paint, and sealer. Check out the steps here.

Swing Set for the Playhouse

Prepare a large area that is level and flat. Buy the materials to make it with various sizes of posts, bolts, washers, nuts, rafter post hangers, post caps, and eye bolts. Grab the tools; tape measure, speed square, pencil, hammer, safety glasses, ear protection, drill, circular saw, sander, and level. See the tutorials from Ana-White.

Mid-Century Play Set

Making this mid-century play set is not tricky. You will need pressure-treated posts, posts, pressure-treated board, concrete, bolts, washers, L braces, pressure-treated plywood, two swings, one slide, a wood protector, and any other tools and materials you can see from A Beautiful Mess. The colors of yellow, white, and wood make it more adorable. 


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