Are you collecting jewelry items? Well. Prepare how to store them properly without creating clutter. Instead of buying new things to display your jewelry, make it by hand. Use anything around your home. Don’t worry! Display them will also improve your decor without spending a lot of money. Check out our list below! We have collected DIY jewelry displays that you can DIY soon. Read further and get more inspiration!

Displaying Jewelry on A Skull

Displaying jewelry on a skull

You can find a skull in an antique store. Just hang your necklace on it. Well. It might be so expensive. So, it will be better for you to buy the second hand. For the one who loves an antique decorating scheme, he will adore it this way.

Presenting Jewelry on Clipboards

Presenting jewelry on clipboards

Marvelous! It is a simple way to display your jewelry items in minutes. They are arranged well on the wall. It seems like you have a gallery of jewelry. Feel free to paint them in any color you like. Even you can write down quotes or draw something on each clipboard. 

Presenting Jewelry on A Chalkboard Wall

Presenting jewelry on a chalkboard wall

The thing you should do is paint the wall with black chalkboard paint. Let it dry completely. Then, attach your jewelry collections to the wall. Decorate each element in any style you like. You may draw a frame or add lace to it.

Displaying Jewelry on A Tree or Branch

Displaying jewelry on a tree or branch

Paint the branch first will make it looks so adorable. No matter the color, displaying jewelry items on a tree is genius. It gives a very serene look to your room decor. It also improves it to a modern feeling. This elegant way will work well with any home decor theme. 

Displaying Jewelry on Gift Tags

Displaying jewelry on gift tags

It looks so chic. Displaying jewelry items on gift tags isn’t just functional but also decorative. Furthermore, it is not a tricky craft. You only need to make the gift tags and display your jewelry. Easy huh? It takes minutes to do. Super easy!

Displaying Jewelry on Bottles

Easy and Cool Ways to Display Jewelry that You Can DIY

You might have various bottles in your home. Use them to display your jewelry pieces. Decorate them with glass paint. Don’t be afraid to use different sizes too. It will add artistic value to your decor. 

Displaying Jewelry on A Plateau

Displaying jewelry on a plateau

Rather than laying your items on the table, it will be better to you some wooden blocks. They will create a textured look on your jewelry displays. 



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