Finally, we move towards spring. It’s time to change our style to look more impressive. We need accessories with colorful touches. We recommend you appear different with a new pair of earrings. They are small but will directly change your style. Anyone can buy them at a store. However, DIYers might choose to make a pair of earrings by hand. Try clay earrings. They are easy to make with affordable tools and supplies. Check out our list below and get more inspiration!

DIY Minimal Clay Heart Earrings

Diy minimal clay heart earrings


They are cute. You will love them. Wearing them for everyday style in spring is brilliant. Let’s make this pair of clay heart earrings this week. You will need at least three shades of polymer clay, a rolling pin, earring hooks, jewelry glue, and an oven. Start by preheating your oven according to polymer clay instructions. Then, shape the clay into hearts. Check out more tutorials here.

DIY Textured Polymer Clay Earrings

Adorable! You will appear so much different with a pair of textured polymer clay earrings. Making them is not tricky. Gather the supplies! You will need polymer clay, earring backs, a knife, a stamp, and a glass pan. Start by rolling a small piece of clay into a ball. See the instructions here and customize the clay earrings you want.

DIY White Polymer Clay Earrings

White is not just for winter; we can use this color any season. Let’s make a pair of white polymer clay earrings. What you need to get going is polymer clay in white and pearl, a pasta machine, a cutting blade, a circle punch, earring hooks, and jewelry pins. Prepare silver leaf, glitter, nose pliers, and wire cutters too. Check out the tutorials here, and make a pair of polymer clay earrings in your version.

DIY Dual Color Squares Earrings

Multiple colors for earrings are something commonly seen in spring style. What about the dual-color version? We can try this style to make DIY dual-color earrings with polymer clay. Look at the picture! It shows beautiful earrings with a combination of red and gold. The details make it looks so beautiful. Check out here to see the instructions.

DIY Triangle Earrings from Polymer Clay

Wearing these triangle earrings will make you go up to the next level. The one who loves simple modern touches will adore these earrings. You will need polymer clay, earring backs, and a knife. These earring work well for your everyday style with any outfit. Check out the detailed instructions here.


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