Since spring will come soon, add a little sparkle with garden balls. They will contrast with and highlight the natural beauty around them. Nestle them amongst the plants on the ground will also improve the garden decor. Let’s make a DIY garden ball for your garden. We have collected DIY garden ball ideas in the list below. Check them out below and get more inspiration to make a DIY garden ball in your version. Bring your garden to the next level!

DIY Industrial Concrete Ball

Diy industrial concrete ball


You have to spend at least $100 for two balls. What about you can make a concrete ball by hand? It will only be $8 for each. Wow! You will need a concrete mix, toy balls, a large disposable container, a mixing tool, sandpaper, and something to dunner concrete into your mold. Let us check the detailed instruction here.

DIY Painted Bowling Ball Garden Caterpillar

Here is an option for adding garden balls. You will need bowling balls. Paint them green and add some polka dots in various colors. Arrange them in a line and use one ball at the end as the head of the caterpillar. Draw the face and add the antlers.

DIY Bowling Ball Water Fountain

Are you dare to build a DIY water fountain? You will need a bowling ball. First, prepare a tub. Add a water fountain machine and decorate it with pebbles. See more tutorials from Cotcozy. Then, make a DIY bowling ball water fountain in your version.

DIY Layered Stone Garden Ball

Fabulous! If you prefer something darker and more textured, try this project. You will need several rocks arranged vertically to look like a ball. It will be better for you to use polished stones. Let it improves your garden decor and create a zen space.

DIY Garden Pebble Gazing Ball

Do you prefer something a little more natural looking for your garden? It will be nice to add this garden pebble gazing ball. Prepare a big ball and add glue as much as possible. Attach the pebbles one by one on the whole surface.

Stained Glass Mosaic Spheres

Adding stained glass mosaic spheres to your garden will add a futuristic feeling. Making a mosaic sphere is not tricky. You will need a big ball and adhere glue to its surface. Then, attach a broken mirror, cut up CDs or DVDs, and other similar materials. Let it dry under direct sunlight.


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