We have many buttons. We think we will use them someday and put them in a box. Day by day, they are uncountable. Usually, they are for clothes. Today, we are going to talk about buttons with different functions. What about using them to make a jewelry piece? Start with a necklace, a bracelet, and a ring. Check out our list below! We have collected creative ways to give your buttons whole new life. Hopefully, you will get more inspiration for your projects with buttons.

Wire Button Necklaces



What lovely necklaces! They are perfect for going to hang out in spring. We love the color. Making this craft is not tricky. You will need a chain, button, and wire to make one necklace. Start by applying the wire to the button and to the chain. See more tutorials here.

Blue Button Ribbon Bracelet

It is a unique jewelry piece to bring your style to the next level. Indeed! You don’t have to spend much money. You need a ribbon, embroidery silk, and some blue buttons. Use a big eye needle to attach the buttons.

Blouse Button Ring

It’s time to show your creative skills. Start by gathering the materials needed; a button and a wire. No more. What do you think? With those two items, we can make a blouse button ring. It is an easy project. You should be able to shape the wire into a round and attach it to the button. Check out the tutorials here.

Vintage Button Bracelet

It looks so gorgeous! How can vintage buttons be turned into a beautiful bracelet like this? Attach the vintage button to the chain using a jump ring. Customize the design you love. What do you think? This unique bracelet will improve your style today. Check out the tutorials here.

Layered Button Necklace

Look at this necklace! It has a beautiful pendant made of buttons. First, you need a big round button. Then, layer a smaller button. Unite them using a jump ring. Attach the pendant to the chain. We have done. It looks so pretty to complete your spring and or summer style. Check out the detailed instruction about how to make this necklace from One Artsy Mama.

Metallic Button Ring

Get a button out of a coat. Cut a wire as your ring finger size. Find the center point of it and place it on your socket. Start wrapping several times. Cross the wire and thread each end through the button shank. Easy, right?


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