Your jewelry has broken. Now, you can’t wear it any longer. Should you throw it away? Or, it might be great to sell them online. What can we do with them? It breaks our hearts to sell our favorite jewelry items. Think over it more and more! We can create something with those broken items. As crafters, we do love turning unwearable things into something. Read this article further! We have gathered fantastic ideas to turn old broken jewelry. Check out and get more inspiration.

DIY Jeweled Heart on Canvas

Diy jeweled heart on canvas


Let’s start by gathering the tools and supplies. To make this DIY jeweled heart, you will need a canvas, lots of jewelry pieces, needle nose pliers, and gorilla clear fast-drying glue. Are you ready? It’s time to draw the heart shape on the canvas. Then, attach the jewelry item one by one using glue. Check out the tutorials here.

DIY Broken Jewelry Wreath

It is a glorious wreath that anyone wishes to have. It will add a sparkling effect to our decor. Feel free to hang this wreath on the door or your living room wall. Making it is not tricky at all. You will need an assortment of brooches, earrings, charms, buttons, and other jewelry items. Grab straight pins, hot glue, a Styrofoam wreath, and spray paint. Check out the instructions from DIYshowoff.

Beaded Flip Flops DIY

Exactly. Having a pair of flip-flops is a must. You will need them every day. However, flip-flops look similar to each other. What about improving flip-flops with broken jewelry items? You will need a pair of flip-flops, a ribbon, lots of broken jewelry, a hot glue gun, a needle, and thread. Check out the instructions here and make a pair of jeweled flip-flops in your version.

DIY Jewelry Box Clutch

It looks so beautiful. Let’s make this craft soon. You will need a few pieces of old jewelry, a hard case box clutch, and glue. Start by cutting your old pieces of jewelry into separate parts. Then, design the placement. Then, glue pieces of jewelry one by one.

DIY Jewelry Ball Ornament

It is a beautiful ornament that will make your room looks more glamorous. You will need a Styrofoam ball, hot glue guns, and simple tools to attach the jewelry items to the ball. It might need several hours, but you will love the result.

DIY Bedazzled Belt

Let’s improve your belt to look fabulous. Cut a small piece of your necklace and attach them to the belt using glue. Then, you will get a new belt with the vintage feel you want.


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