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Dangle Earring Ideas to Make Us Feel Pretty and Ready to Take on The Day

The earrings you wear will improve your style. You look more beautiful with dangly earrings that swing when you walk. Buying those earrings will be costly. What about making your own earrings? Furthermore, making earrings by hand will allow you to add personal touches. So, no one there will have the same earrings as yours. In this article, we have gathered DIY dangly earrings that anyone can recreate and customize. Check them out further below and make the dangly earrings you want.

DIY Dolce Gabbana Pasta Earrings

Diy dolce gabbana pasta earrings


Unbelievable! You can make these earrings in your version. Be brave to make more expensive designs. Add sparkling items just as pearls, rubies, or other stones. You can wear these dangly earrings to complete your party style. Moreover, you can sell them online and earn a lot of money. Check out the tutorials from Honestlywtf.

DIY Feathered Dream Catcher Earrings

What beautiful earrings! Making them will not be a trick at all. Prepare the supplies needed; rings, jump rings, beads, threads, pliers, cutters, scissors, needles, and feathers. Follow the instructions on how to make it from here. You will love the result, a pair of feather dream catcher earrings for any occasion.

DIY Prada Rose Earrings

Those who love retro style will adore these earrings. You can make them at home. Prepare the tools and supplies like rhinestones, resin rose cabochons, glue, earrings backs, head pins, eye pins, jump rings, pliers, wire cutters, a spoon, and a toothpick. Check out the tutorials on how to make these earrings from Honestlywtf.

DIY Dangly Gem Earrings

What do you think of these earrings? Do they look glamorous? Making them is easy. You will need glue, earring postbacks, pliers, wire clippers, scissors, and octagonal sew-on jewels in various colors you like. Start by choosing the layout you want. Then, check out the instructions here.

DIY Lace Applique and Pearl Earrings

Use sort of lace, define the pattern, and cut. You will get a pair of laces. Then, insert the jump ring and the eye pin. Add the beads and make a small loop at the top. Finish this project by adding the ear wires. Then, you will get a new pair of pearl earrings.

DIY Easy Dangly Bead Earrings

To make these earrings, you will need small pliers, some beads, small jump rings, large jump rings, and earring hooks. Start by opening the jump rings and attaching the beads one by one. Check out the instructions here and make a pair of dangly earrings with beads in your version.


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