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Genius DIY Collar Necklaces for Spring Style That Anyone Will Adore

The necklace you wear will dramatically change your look. When you have a collar necklace, you will look like a queen. If you choose a casual one, you will appear like a modern girl with a free soul. Whatever necklace you choose will reflect your personality. However, the price might choke you. Don’t worry! Your life isn’t over. Let’s try making collar necklaces with simple and affordable materials. Check out the ideas in the list below!

DIY Multi-Colored Beaded Necklace

Diy multi-coloured-beaded-necklace


Are you good at the small detailed needlework-based craft? Here is the idea that you should try soon. Grab your tools and supplies. Try to create this DIY collar necklace. Start with a large applique and embellish it with extra beads and sequins. Check out more tutorials from Cut Out and Keep.

Homemade Neon Rope and Chain Necklace

Do you love a modern-looking pop of color? This neon rope and chain necklace might fit your wish. Instead of buying a new necklace, why don’t you make it at home? Yes, we are sure you can create it better than you think. Prepare a neon rope, chain, and rhinestone. See the instruction from I Spy DIY and style it in your style.

DIY Chain Collar Necklace

Exactly, it is a necklace that shapes like a collar. Then, we can call it a collar chain necklace. Isn’t it gorgeous? You can wear it to a night party or a candlelight dinner. This beautiful necklace works well for any occasion, even a casual meeting.

DIY Elegant Pearl Cluster Necklace

It is a luxurious collar necklace that will make you shine. No wonder! There is no hard step in making this pearl cluster necklace. You will need pink glass beads in various shapes, jump rings, needles, thread, and pink ribbon. Start by arranging the beads. Then, attach them to the ribbon.

DIY Vintage Button Collar Necklace

How many vintage buttons do you have? Let’s use them to make a vintage button-collar necklace. This stunning necklace will never go out of date. Moreover, you can wear it every day. Attach the buttons to the ribbon using thread and needle. Feel free to add pearls and rhinestones.

Upcycled Tie and Chunky Bead Necklace

If you have a tie that will no longer be used, let’s use them to make a collar necklace. You will need to tie in any pattern you love and wooden beads. This adjustable necklace will work with any outfit you wear on the day.




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