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DIY Necklace Ideas to Complete Your Jewelry Collections

Some people want to look stylish every day and any time they are. One of the keys to making them more impressive is seen in what they wear. Wearing a necklace will complete their style. However, buying necklaces will cost much. What about making them by hand? Is it possible? If you want to appear stylish but don’t want to spend much money, you should make your necklace. In this article, we have gathered DIY cheap necklace ideas to make in minutes. Check them out further and get inspired!

DIY Single Pearl Necklace

Diy single pearl necklace


You will need a pearl bead, 1 mm aluminum wire, jump ring, chain, flat nose plier, side cutting plier, and round nose piler. Get them all from a craft store. We believe that you will make a pretty necklace for yourself. Check out the tutorials here

DIY Beautiful Beaded Statement Necklace

Make it by yourself. You will need various sizes and colors. Prepare a chain and jump rings. This necklace will work well for a casual party. Oh, you are free to wear it for everyday fashion as well. Customize the design you love and be pretty with it. 

DIY Awesome Triangle Necklace

A triangle necklace will bring you to look casual and simple. Let us make it soon. Prepare the supplies like a gold craft wire, mini tubing cutter, wire cutter, round jewelry pliers, brush tub, jump rings, chain, and lobster clasp. You can begin by making the triangles. Check out more about how to make it here.

DIY Quilled Heart Necklace

You will need quilling paper and metallic-edge strips to make this lovely necklace. Then, prepare a quilling needle tool, scissors, ruler, tweezers, and glue. Then, other supplies to make DIY necklaces. Check out this to know further instructions. Make sure that you have more minutes to create this. 

Homemade Skeleton Key and Bead Necklace

If you love something bohemian, you will love this necklace. Get a necklace chain, closing clasp, skeleton key, beads, jump rings, head pins, needle nose pliers, wire cutters, trinkets, and a piece of bendable wire. Those supplies are ready at a craft store. Just buy them and start crafting soon!

DIY Wire Wrapped Sea Glass Necklace

First, choose a sea glass with an aquamarine color tone. Prepare the supplies like a chain necklace, jump ring, and silver wire. Oh, you are free to change it with gold wire as well. However, a silver necklace with a sea glass pendant looks more beautiful. You can make as many necklaces as possible and sell them online.


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