Christmas is almost here. It means the holiday season is coming soon. You can welcome it by preparing decorations that are as lively and festive as possible. In this case, using some festive ornaments for your holiday decorations. Some of ornaments include colorful Christmas balls, mettalic ornaments and also candy canes. Candy canes have fun colors, patterns and shapes that will add a festive while whimsy look to your decoration. And using this ornament can be a wonderful way to celebrate the holidays. So, it can be said that candy canes are a great addition for Christmas decor. And related to that, you can make the most of candy canes.

Candy canes are not only for decorating a Christmas tree but can also be used for other things. From making ornaments to hanging garlands, candy canes can be used in a variety of ways. Another way, you can make a wreath with candy canes. If you need ideas for a unique candle holder, use some candy canes and tied them together. An alternative Christmas tree can be made from candy canes. A candy cane sleigh is a fun way for a Christmas gift idea. A candy cane reindeer craft will add joy this holiday. Another candy cane-inspired decoration is a holiday pillow. Moreover, you can make the most of candy cane to make a vase, candle holder, place card holder, and other crafts. Take a look at these ideas below.

Candy Cane Christmas Tree from wonderfuldiy

Candy Cane Chain Garland from wonderfuldiy

 DIY candy Cane Candlestick from wonderfuldiy

Snowy Candy Cane Star from wonderfuldiy

Rudolph Candy Canes from wonderfuldiy

Candy Cane Wreath from wonderfuldiy

Candy Cane Bowls from wonderfuldiy

Glittery Candy Cane Jars from thepioneerwoman 

Giant Candy Cane Pillow from thepioneerwoman

Candy Cane Garland from thepioneerwoman

Candy Cane Bath Bombs from thepioneerwoman

Pipe Cleaner Candy Canes from thepioneerwoman

Candy Cane Hot Cocoa Pops from thepioneerwoman

Candy Cane Centerpiece from thepioneerwoman

Candy Cane Fabric Twine from thepioneerwoman

DIY Candy Cane Christmas Card Kit from thepioneerwoman

Candy Cane Sleigh from thepioneerwoman

Candy Cane Sleigh Craft from thepioneerwoman

Candy Cane Bow Door Decor from thepioneerwoman

Melted Candy Cane Ornaments from thepioneerwoman

Candy Cane Cookies from thepioneerwoman

Candy Cane Stocking from thepioneerwoman

Tinsel Candy Cane Wreath from thepioneerwoman

DIY Macrame Candy Canes from thepioneerwoman

Fingerprint Candy Cane Ornament from thepioneerwoman

Burlap Candy Can Wreath from thepioneerwoman

Candy Cane Vase from countryliving Candy Cane Christmas Tree from countryliving Candy Cane Sleds from countryliving Gift Flair Candy Can from countryliving Candy Cane Placecard Holders from countryliving Melted Peppermint Candy Ornaments from countryliving Hot Chocolate Stirrers from countryliving Candy Cane Garland from countryliving Bow Tie Candy Cane Reindeer from countryliving Double Candy Cane Reindeer Craft from countryliving Rudolph Candy Cane Bars from countryliving Candy Cane Reindeer Pops from countryliving Candy Cane Hook Wreath from countryliving Candy Cane Door Swag from countryliving Candle Holder from countryliving

Candy Cane Wreath from countryliving Button Candy Can Ornament from playideas Puzzle Candy Can Craft from playideas Candy Can Heart from playideas Candy Cane Sleigh and Snowman from playideasScrunched Paper Candy Cane from playideas

Candy Cane Sleigh from playideas

DIY Deer Candy Cane from kidsartncraftDIY Deer Hanging Ornament from kidsartncraftPaper Rools Candy Cane from kidsartncraft

Reindeer Candy Cane Craft  from kidsartncraft

Candy Cane Vase from diycandy Candy Cane Place Card Holders from diycandy Candy Cane Mice from diycandyCandy Cane Snowflake from diycandy Candy Cane Ice Skate Ornaments from diycandy Felt and Candy Cane Christmas Tree  from diycandy

Rope Candy Cane  from diycandy

DIY Yarn Wrapped Candy Cane  from shelterness

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