Talking about basic craft supplies, we will notice that clay is our favorite. Rather than creating an animal statue, what about trying something that is more decorative and useful for our decor? Let’s try to make DIY clay dishes. You can use them to store your jewelry items or to display them on the desk. Check out our list below! We have collected clay projects that are easy to make. Read further and get more inspiration.

DIY Pinched Corner Trinket Dish

Diy pinched corner trinket dish


Look at this square dish. It will add a unique touch to your décor. It features a marbled appearance and pinched corners. As you put it on the table, it will create a difference in your room. You will see a little artistic and modern feeling. Check out more instructions here.

DIY Leaf Imprint Bowls

It isn’t just a bowl but an artistic piece. Let’s make it soon by hand. You will need clay, a leaf, and a knife. Trace the leaf into the clay. Then, you will get a beautiful imprint bowl. Using actual leaves is a great idea, isn’t it? Try this project by following the instructions here.

DIY Handprint Clay Dish

What a cute dish! Flatten the clay, and shape it out using your hand. Then, let it dry, or you can heat it in an oven. Feel free to customize it by painting or adding decorative elements like glitters or decals. See the complete tutorials here and make a handprint clay dish in your version.

Texture Stamped and Rough-Edged Clay Bowls

Take the clay, flatten it, and create the shape you want. When you make it a little bit rougher, it will show a handmade character. Use a butterfly stamp or other thing you like to spruce it up. Adding more color will be nice too. Check out the instructions here.

Scallop Edged Clay Jewelry Dishes

It looks so lovely. Shape the clay into a bowl. Add a scalloped edge to add a different texture to your DIY dish. See the tutorials here to see more about how to make it. Paint it in any color you want.

DIY Spiral Clay Dish

If you wish for a clay dish with a rustic feeling but still aesthetic, let’s try making it. Grab the clay and make a line with it. Shape a spiral clay dish. Heat it in an oven or let it dry under direct sunshine. Paint it in your favorite color. What do you think? It is so beautiful, huh? Check out the detailed instructions here.


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