DIY enthusiasts will find so many different materials for any project. They will search for old or unused things that are potentially can be repurposed. On this occasion, we find tin foil. It is usually thrown away after we use it for cooking meals. We can turn it into something for our home. Dare to try? Read further in the list below! We have collected adorable tin foil craft ideas to inspire you. Check them out and create any project with tin foil in your version.

Tin Foil DIY Ornaments

Tin foil diy ornaments


Ask your kids to make these ornaments with you. They will love this project. Prepare the tools and supplies. Get paint, paint brushes, scraps of cardboard, aluminum foil, glue, scissors, ribbon, glitter, sequins, rhinestones, beads, and hole punch. Start by cutting the shapes from tin foil. Check out more tutorials here.

DIY Tin Foil Monogram

Get a wooden monogram, mod podge, a paintbrush, and tin foil. Start by applying mod podge to the wooden monogram. Then, attach the tin foil until all the surfaces are covered. Let it dry under the sunlight for several minutes. Feel free to paint it in any color you love.

Tin Foil and Tissue Paper Ornaments

Cool, huh? These ornaments are made of tissue paper and tin foil. We love the design and color. You will need Styrofoam balls too. Gather other supplies; glue, paintbrush, water, craft stick, craft germs, jewels, string, and paper clips. Begin with wrapping the Styrofoam with tin foil. Check out the detailed instructions here.

DIY Tin Foil Modern Art

It is an easy craft that a newbie can do in minutes. Gather the supplies. You will need a black canvas, tin foil, and a mod podge. Cut the tin foil into several leaves. Use mod podge to attach those leaves to the canvas.

DIY Tin Oil Rose

What do you think of this rose? Let’s make this craft! We will need aluminum foil. Begin by cutting it into several pieces to make rose petals. You should attach each of them one by one. Then, open a large paper clip and poke it to make the base of the rose. Design it with faux green leaves to look alive.

Tin Foil Drawings

Grab a cardboard, pencil, glue, glue stick, aluminum foil, cotton swab, black shoe polish, and a paper towel. Select a piece of cardboard and draw your art. Add glue to the top of the pencil line. Wait till dry and wrap it with tin foil.


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