The spring and summer seasons give us more blooms and green leaves. We feel so quiet and calm. However, fall will make them crunchy. We will miss those beautiful plants. However, there is a unique way to keep them around the home. It’s only by crafting with decoupage plants to our item. This craft is not tricky at all. Even a DIY newbie can do it in less than an hour. Moreover, the tools and supplies are cheap. Then, you will see the results of DIY plant decoupage projects.

DIY Plant Decoupage Tray

Diy plant decoupage tray


You will need a flower press, wood tray, glass cut, matte finish mod podge, white paint, chip brush, small paintbrush, scissors, and roses. After gathering all the tools and supplies, paint the tray white. Then, press the flowers. Check out the detailed instructions here. Then, make a decoupage tray in your version.

DIY Decoupage Candle

These candles are so much beautiful. Don’t you want to make them? They work well to brighten your space and improve your room decoration. Let’s gather the tools and supplies. Get dried flowers, candles, scissors, and tweezers. Start by cutting the flower petals. Attach them one by one to the candles. See the tutorials here.

Decoupaged Terra Cotta Pots

What about creating decoupaged terra cotta pots? You will need lovely decorative napkins, a mod podge, a paintbrush, and paint. Well. It is not a natural plant, but the result will be great. Then, you may change the materials with real flowers too. Check out the steps here.

Easy Leaf Mason Jar Lanterns Nature Craft

Let’s start making this craft soon. Collect leaves and flowers as much as possible. Get a mason jar, mod podge, and paintbrush. Start attaching natural plants to the glass after applying mod podge. Let them dry under the sun. Then, add a wax tea light. See here to get more detailed information about this project.

DIY Palm Leaves Decoupage Table

It is an awesome table! We will need mod podge matt finish, gold liquid gilding, mod podge gloss finish, palm leaves, foam brush, paper plate, and a paintbrush. See! All the tools and supplies are cheap. Glue the palm leaves on the table. Then, see the tutorial here.

DIY Leaf Bowl Decoupage

Gather any leaves, a medium-sized bowl, cooking spray, plastic wrap, mod podge, and a paintbrush. Are you ready? Let’s make a DIY leaf bowl decoupage by seeing the instructions here. Feel free to customize the design you love.

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