Is this your very first time to make a thing from woods? A beginner usually thinks that woodworking is a hard thing to do without skills. However, the professionals should do their first time. And you as well. So, don’t be afraid to try something new. You will not be a master before doing many mistakes. In this article, we are going to show you our ideas of woodworking projects that a beginner can do to improve their home decor. Check out further!

DIY Wooden Wine Rack

Diy wooden wine rack


It looks so classic but interesting. We love the natural color of the rack that feels so masculine, anyway. Prepare a few basic supplies and a little elbow grease to make this simple rack. You are free to use this for your own wine or give it to your friend as a gift.

Wooden Bear Caddy DIY

Here is another wooden storage to keep your bear. Completed with a handy bottle opener, this wooden bear caddy gives you all the need to have fun this night. Furthermore, it looks great enough for your friend if you want to use it as a gift. Just like the wooden wine rack.

DIY Wooden Doormat

Dry off your shoes after walking outside in a wet season will be easy using this DIY wooden doormat. It is easy to make and will not cost much. This functional project works well for any home style. Sure, you need to have at least basic woodworking skills.

DIY Bathroom Try

If you want to get a spa-like in your bathroom, this DIY bathroom will give you. It is made of a wooden plank. And, no need to add anything. Just decide any size you want that will match your bathtub. Then, put on your essentials, candles, or anything on it.

DIY Candle Holder From Wood

What about this tea light holder that gives you a romantic and rustic feel? Creating this super simple DIY candle holder will not need much money. Even, you only need one power tool to make the holes. Then, put the candles on each hole.

DIY Basic Cutting Board

It is an easy project that needs not a professional to make, a DIY basic cutting board. Prepare a wooden plank and cut it in any size you want. Nothing to do more except finishing the surface to look smoother.

Wooden House Number

Show your house number with this simple DIY wooden house number. A DIY newbie can make this project in less than a day. It looks more interesting with plants. Even without expert skills.

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