Clay leaf dishes are a project that you can do anytime throughout the year. Just go head out to the garden and look for unique shapes of leaf to preserve. Then it is just a matter of using clay to mold them and even paint them to decorate it more. Choosing leaf that are still supple, because dry leaf may crack and break before you get a good mold from them.

Oak and maple are has interesting shape to make a bowl with deeply grooved edges, making them interesting yet impractical for holding much. Hydrangea leaf also perfect to make bowl shape and you can ruffle the edges for a bit more decoration. And long leaf makes an interesting ring holder. See these 36 creative DIY dishes made from clay leaves and start your own project sooner.

Green Leaf Pattern Plate from tastingtable

Leaf Shape Dishes from fiberartsy

Dark Green Leaf Shape Dishes

Leaf Patterned Plate Rectangle

Leaf Monstera Dishes

Leaf Bowl For Jewelry Storage from diyjewelryeasy

Shiny Leaf Bowl from deepspacesparkle

Gold Color Bowl from quatangnguoiyeu

Polka Dot Bowl

Purple and Green Leaf Bowl

Colorful DIY Leaf Dishes

Plate With Green and Gold Combination

Stacked Leaf Bowl from duitang

Ceramic Plate with Mint Leaves Pattern from madmimi

Flower and Leaf Pattern Plate

Gold Leaf Plate

Green Leaf Bowl

Gold Splash Ceramic Dishes from decoratorist

Repaint Teacup Ideas

Polymer Leaf Shape Dish from mimuu

Dishes Leaf Mold from idei-dekoru

Brown Leaf Dishes

Round Leaf Painting Plate

Triangle Leaf Dishes

Ceramic Bowl

Classic Paint Standing Plate

Triple Green Leaf Bowl from mojrucnirad

Bowl of Seasoning Leaves

White Leaf Candle Holder from designsponge

Natural Dried Leaf Plate

Ceramic Leaf Dishes Mold

Serrated Coasters from ione

Colorful Ceramic Bowl Leaf Shape

Luxury Leaf Bowl from daintydressdiaries

DIY Sleek Leaf Bowl from redtedart

Clay Leaf Dish from gardentherapy



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