When your platform bed is already dull, it’s time to replace it with the new one. Buying it will need a lot of money. What about building the platform bed of your dream? It’s possible. You will need lumber, wood, nails, and other carpentry tools and equipment. The most important thing is that you have woodworking skills. If you can do even the basics, you can build it sooner. Won’t you own a dreamy platform bed with a limited budget? Check out further!

DIY Platform Bed with Drawers

Diy platform bed with drawers


Prepare the tools and materials. Pay attention to the structure. Get started by building the base frame. Continue to make the bed frame construction. After finishing the bedframe, it’s time to build the drawers. Then, install drawer slides and drawer fronts. Finish with final adjustment. Check out the detailed tutorials from Instructables

DIY Essential Platform Bed Frame

Getting mattresses off the floor is simple. However, adding a bed frame creates a room structure that enriches its interest. You can build the platform bed of your dream in easy steps. You need lumber in various sizes, screws, wood glue, sandpaper, and long brad nails. Check out the detailed instructions from Ana White.

DIY Beautiful Wooden Platform Bed

Do you want to build a large size of a platform bed? It is from DIY Candy that will grab your eyes. The platform bed will be king-size with three layers. It has a middle rectangular layer which is done at first and added by a top rectangular layer. The bottom layer is thinner to support the platform. Prepare the tools; miter saw with laser, table saw, belt sander, a router with bits, drill with bits, wood, wood glue, wood screws, clamps, pencil, ruler, and measuring tape.

DIY Modern Farmhouse Platform Bed

Decide how big your platform bed will be. Cut the planks to make the headboard. Add pocket holes to it using jig screws. Attach the planks to the pocket hole screws. Continue to the legs of the headboard. Check out the detailed processes from Shanty 2 Chic. You might need several hours to finish this platform bed, but you will love the result.

DIY Live Edge Wood Bed

You will need boards, plywood, jig, jig screws, wood glue, live edge wood for the headboard, circular saw, speed square, table saw, nail gun, compressor, sandpaper, clamp, and polyurethane finish. Start by cutting the boards in the measurement you need. See how The Merry Thought does every single step in making the platform bed. 

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