Marble gives a clean look and stands out at the same time. It erases boring stationery and welcomes more colorful touches to a room decoration. Depending on the things, you can apply marble as beautifully as you wish. Walls with wallpaper look more elegant. A kitchen countertop with marble touches appears more adorable. You can use faux marble to upgrade your home annually. Check out our list below! See DIY faux marble ideas to bring your decor to the next level.

DIY Marble Mugs

Diy marble mugs


Marble mugs are just beautiful. Seeing them arranged well on a shelf will dramatically add a luxurious look to your space. Well. They are mugs, but they own our attention better than anything. You can improve your plain ones with marble touches too. Check out the instructions from Babble. Then, make more marble mugs in your version.

DIY Marble Jewelry Display

Instead of saving your jewelry items on the box, it will be better to display them. So, everybody can see your collections and adore how pretty they are. You can hang it on a marble jewelry display. You can make it soon through the tutorials here. Feel free to customize the size, shape, and color you like.

DIY Beautiful Marble Necklace

No matter in fall, winter, spring, or summer, you can wear this marble necklace. It makes you look stylish. Making it is not tricky. You will need a chain, jump rings, and clay. You have to make the marble pendant with white and grey clays. Check out the instructions here.

Homemade Marble Kitchen Utensils

Seeing kitchen utensils with marble touches will improve our mood for cooking. If we have them in hand, we can start making meals. You don’t have to buy them, use paint to improve the handles. Check out the instructions in Ajoyfulriot and improve your utensils soon.

DIY Marble for Fabric

See the napkins in the picture! They look gorgeous in marble look. Let us collect dull T-shirts, tablecloths, placemats, or any fabric. We can change them to appear more cheerful by adding marbles. See the tutorials here and make any fabric marble in your version.

DIY Marble Table Top

What a beautiful table! Let’s gather tools; a regular paintbrush, a sea sponge, and a small feather. We will need a round wooden top, black paint, white paint, and a sealer. Start by painting the tabletop with several coats of white paint. Then, mix at least three shades of grey. Check out more here.


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