Dogs need to rest in a cozy bed at night like us. They play all day, help us feel better, and even some dogs work every day. It is nice to let them sleep in a bed that we make. So, do you want to make a bed for your dog? It is not tricky as long as you have at least basic DIY skills. In this article, we have gathered DIY cozy bed ideas you can make soon for your lovely one. Check out!

DIY Easy Rustic Dog Bed

Diy easy rustic dog bed


Show your woodworking skills here. Making a rustic dog bed means you will work with wood all day. Make sure you have prepared the tools and supplies. You will need wood planks, nails, a hammer, and other things. Check out here to see the instructions

DIY Murphy Bed for Dogs

What an elegant dog bed! You can turn your cupboard into this Murphy bed too. Whenever the dog goes outside, it can be closed. The room will look clean and tidy. This murphy dog bed works well for a room with a small space for a dog. See the tutorials here.

DIY Wagon Dog Bed

What about this dog bed? It looks so warm and cozy, huh? You can make it soon as long as you have the tools and supplies. Furthermore, you can move it anywhere. Just build the bed, add wheels, and put on the pouf. Then, your dog will be happy.

DIY Dog Bed Drawer

If you have an old drawer, turn it into a dog bed! It is super easy. You don’t have to use any tools except if you want makeover it. Just put on the pouf in the drawer. Then, let your dog sleep on it. You can decorate it with pom poms, balls, or other things. 

DIY End Table Bed

Awesome! The bed looks so adorable with blue and white paint. Moreover, the owner changes the table legs to bed posts. Then, it makes the bed so pretty. You can do it as soon as possible. Just turn your table upside down and add the pouf. Decorate it with sheer curtains. 

DIY Old Whiskey Barrel into Comfy Dog Bed

Sleeping or just sitting on the bed is fun. The dog knows it well. You can make this comfy dog bed from an old whiskey barrel. Cut it into half and add the pouf. Let the dog enjoy his time every day here. 


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