Are waiting for the spring and summer for having more outdoor activities? After facing cold weather, we wish to have fun games in our backyard with our lovely ones. What about doing outdoor games with kids? How many games we can play outside? Well. It’s unpredictable. As long as we have space in our backyard, we can play more and more. Do you have any ideas to play games with your kids this week? Scroll down in this article. You will find brilliant DIY backyard games that will inspire you.

DIY Cactus Ring Toss Game



What do you think of this game? It looks so fun to play it with your kids this week. You will need cardboard to draw the cacti and cut it out using a knife. Then, paint it in green for the cacti and pink color for the pot.  Check out the tutorials here.

DIY Tic Tac Toe

What a brilliant idea! You can make this DIY tic tac toe in several minutes. You need big slice of wood that you can get from forest or garden. Then, pain the top in white. Get four ice cream sticks. Paint four buttons in bee patterns and four others in ladybugs. Ask your kids to play with you. Check out the tutorials here.

Hopscotch Backyard Game

Let’s move with numbers. This game will teach your kids how to count. Get simple paving stones and paint them in bright colors. Then, write number for each. Invite your kids to jump on the paving while counting the numbers they are standing in. Feel free to create another play with these paving. Check out how to make this game by seeing the instructions from Oldsaltfarm.

DIY Giant Jenga Game

Enjoy your time with kids and adults by playing this giant jenga game. You will some wooden planks. Cut them out in the same sizes. Then, paint them in some different colors. Arrange them vertically and start to play with others. Check out more here.

DIY Mini Putt Course

It’s a fun game to do with your kids in spring or summer. You will need wood, faux green grass, and balls.  Playing this game will refresh our mind from getting stress. Asking everyone to laugh and cheer doesn’t have to spend lots of money. You can make this game by seeing the tutorials here.

DIY Cornhole Game

You will need large pieces of cardboards, canvases, blocks of wood, paint, nails, spray paint, and mod podge. Then, gather the tools; box cutter, hammer, pencil, painter’s tape, plate, yard stick, paint brush, and gloves. Start drawing a square in the center of canvas and follow more instructions here.

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