Let our pets play around the house. They are happy to spend time playing, and we love seeing them doing it. Well. Do you have something for them to play with? It will be nice to give them toys. Don’t worry! Read this article further! We have collected DIY pet toys that are easy to recreate and affordable. Check out and get inspired.

Knotted Towel Toy

Knotted towel toy for pet


What a super simple craft! You can make it right now. Take an old towel. Make the knot by following the tutorials from Retrobellish. Then, let your dog play with it anytime he wants. You can play with him too. Have fun and don’t forget to wash it to clean the dust.

Homemade Foxtail Type Toy

The dogs will love this toy. Let’s prepare the tools and supplies. You will need a tennis ball, an old t-shirt, and a sewing machine. You are free to sew the tail by hand. Let your dog plays with this homemade foxtail. He will be busy throwing and catching it too.

4 Knot Rope Ball

The dog will love playing with this ball. Well. It is not tricky at all making this toy. You only have to use a long rope and make four knots until it becomes a ball. Easy, huh? We believe you can finish this project in minutes. Check out the detailed instruction here.

Empty Toilet Paper Roll Toys

We suggest you make these toilet paper roll toys. Sure. You don’t have to spend even a penny. Take empty toilet paper rolls. Cut them out and create your design. The dog or cat will love playing with this toy. See the tutorials from Catster.

Upcycled T-Shirt Tug Toys

Ask your dog to play with this toy. We believe he will carry it out and play it himself. You will need an old ball, fabric, a piece of ribbon, and scissors. Cut the fabric into two stripes. Fold them in half and wrap them around the ball. Tie your ribbon around the ball. Now you can use it to play with your dog.

Braided Rope Ring Dog Toy

It is a clever project that your dog will play with all day long. You will need a strong rope. Then, cut it into four equal lengths. Use two ropes to make a 7 inches long finished crown knot. Start the braided rope ring by seeing the tutorials here.


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