Kids love to play anything. Including cooking. Does your child like helping you in the kitchen? Wow, maybe he has an interest in cooking. Who knew one day he might become a chef? Look at your warehouse. There might be several materials that you can use to make a DIY play kitchen. Before that, have a look at the list below. There are several DIY play kitchen ideas you can try. Check them out and ask your kid to one with you!

DIY Cardboard Play Kitchen

Diy cardboard play kitchen


Building a play kitchen will never be as tricky as you think. Let’s make it using cardboard. Trace the template and cut. Use duct tape to attach each element. Check out the tutorials from Mermagblog. Feel free to paint it any color you love.

DIY Cute Pink Play Kitchen

You will need $800 to buy a play kitchen. But for a DIY project, you will need $100. It depends on the wood you choose. That’s why people love to build something by hand. Making this pink play kitchen might take several minutes. Check out the tutorials from Being Brook. Feel free to add other decorative pieces. 

DIY Modern Play Kitchen

You will need some used cabinets from a dollar store. Prepare the tools like a faucet, fans, Hvac register boot, wooden box, hinges, knobs, picture frame, marble, and aluminum contact paper. Use a ruler to draw the line on the wood and cut it out. Check out more detailed instructions here

DIY Play Kitchenette

Get a pegboard to help your kids hang their kitchen tools and equipment. Build the kitchenette around the pegboard base. You will need mini pots and pans to style the play kitchen. See the tutorials from A Beautiful Mess

DIY Easy Play Kitchen

It is a creative project that takes several minutes to finish. You will need two cube shelves. Draw the line of a faucet and use a jigsaw cut it out. Make a window glass as a faux oven. Use salvage knobs to make the stove. Check out the detailed instructions from Remodelholic.

DIY Cheap Play Kitchen

If you have an old TV stand, you can change it to a new play kitchen. Pain it in white. Draw the faucet and stove. Complete it with mini kitchen hardware. You can hang mini buckets and other faux kitchen tools too. This project will need several hours or even days to finish. However, you will save your budget well. It is only $90 while buying it might need $800.


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