Baby mobiles are part of the nursery room decor. What is a nursery room without a baby mobile? There are many designs we can choose from a baby shop. However, creating baby mobiles by hand will be more satisfying. Creating your custom look is the key to sharing your creativity with your little baby. The purpose of baby mobiles is to stimulate the baby. Furthermore, they offer beautiful decorative elements to the nursery room too. Check out our list below! Choose which baby mobile will work well for you.

DIY Cute Critters Baby Mobile

Diy cute critters baby mobile


This adorable baby mobile shows some cutest creatures. The use of wood brings a sense of a natural look. It dramatically forms the story of animals. The rustic strings are also adorable and tell us more about the beauty of earthy tones. 

DIY Birds and Beads Baby Mobile

The soft stuffed birds contrast with the wooden beads but create wonderful features. You can make them by hand using patterned fabric. Tie in with the motif of your nursery design. The embroidery ring hanger works well with wooden beads and fabric birds to create a soft and serene theme. Customize the size and pattern, and recreate it in your style.

DIY Pom Pom and Flower Button Baby Mobile

The one who loves soft charm themes will adore this baby mobile. Using colors to make pom will lead you to get the pretty baby mobile you want. The wooden ring hanger brings such a serene element to your nursery room. Enjoy making this craft this afternoon by seeing The Hand Made Home.

DIY Cute Felt Woodland Baby Mobile

Combining wood and felt is a great decision to make a DIY baby mobile. Get the template from the internet and print it out. Cut the felt base on it. Do the same thing with the wood you use. This baby mobile shows a pretty woodland scenery for your little baby. See the detailed instruction here and customize it in your way.

DIY Rainy Day Baby Mobile

Let’s pretend the rain will come to your nursery room. For a modern style, this rainy-day theme baby mobile looks perfect. It has clouds, pom pom, and water droplets. Those elements look so decorative. Check out The Lovely Drawer to see how to make this baby mobile. 

DIY Night Theme Baby Mobile

The stars will twinkle all night. They are beautiful. Collect some stars and hang them on the branch. You can make them by hand with various materials like paper, glass, or even string. Check out here to know the details. 


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