What is the most interesting thing we can do in spring? Yes. It is about spending time with family and friends. Asking them to play together in our backyard is a great idea. You will see them laugh, be angry, or might be crying. Don’t worry! It’s fun. Playing with them will be nice. No matter whether you win or lose, it’s just a game. Well. It’s time to make outdoor activities to have fun in the backyard. Check out the list below and get inspiration.

DIY Outdoor Bowling Game



Usually, people spend their summer and or spring time with camps, trips, or sports. What about trying another different activity. Ask your kids to play in the backyard. Make DIY outdoor bowling game. They will love it. Prepare pool noodles, empty aluminum coke bottles, yoga mat, serrated knife, toothpicks, beach ball, and beans. Check out the tutorials here.

DIY Ring Toss Game

Boys or girls will love playing this game. It’s fun, you know. It is definitely a game that will add extra fun to your summer picnics. Gather the tools and supplies. You will need a round pine panel, drill bit, dowels, paint colors, nylon rope, bonding glue, and duck tape. Start by painting the round pine panel and dowels. See here for seeing further instructions.

Giant Wooden Connect Four

Let’s have fun! Look at this giant wooden connect four. It is awesome. Playing it with your kids will be a great idea. Do you want to make it soon? Rather than buy this outdoor game, better to make it. You will need plywood, pine batten, plywood sheet, stud timber, wood glue, colored paint, and spray varnish. While the tools needed are drill, hole saw, bench sander, plunge router with router bits, pencil,ruler, tap measure, and clamps. Check out the instructions from Instructables.

DIY Yard Yahtzee

When the summer comes with sunny days, it’s time to play outside duds. Well. Try this game! Instead of sitting around the table, what about playing Yahtzee outside. However, you should make a DIY giant Yahtzee. Gather the materials; five wood blocks, woodburning tool, clothespins, wood glue, small clamps, aluminum bucket, and circle woodburning attachment. See the tutorials at Momtastic.

Ice Block Treasure Hunt

Let your kids find the treasure on the ice block. It is a fun activity that any kid will love. Gather plenty toys. Put them in the water and let them feezed in the refrigerator. In the afternoon, take the ice block with toys inside. Then, have fun to take the toys using hammers. Your kids will fee cool and happy.

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