Who doesn’t love listening to music? No one, we think. Let’s make DIY crafts with your kids. We can use something old in our wardrobe or buy anything from a dollar store. Musical crafts will not spend much money. Your kids will like playing musical instruments made by themselves. Read this article further. See our ideas about DIY musical crafts that are easy to recreate in minutes. Ask your kids to make at least one musical craft this week. Check out!

DIY Harmonica

Diy harmonica


A DIY harmonica is a simple project you and your kid can make within minutes. Prepare two jumbo craft sticks, a wide rubber band, a straw, scissors, and two smaller rubber bands. Start by cutting the straw into two pieces. Check out more tutorials here.

DIY Straw Flute

Let’s make this DIY straw flute. Your kid will learn math and measurements while making this craft. You will need at least eight plastic drinking straws, sticky tape, scissors, a ruler, and a pencil. Start by measuring the straws and cutting them into different sizes. Check out the tutorials here.

DIY Funnel and Hose French Horn

What do you think of this craft? It looks so adorable. Your kids will love making this DIY musical instrument. You will need a tunnel, plastic tubing, hose, tape, and tassel. Start by pushing the funnel into thirty inches of plastic tubing. Check out more here.

Bell And Shaker Rhythm Sticks

Let your kids dance on the floor. Make it fun by using DIY rhythm sticks. Gather the tools and supplies; cotton belting, ribbon, Velcro, jingle bells, needle, and thread. Begin with folding each end of the cotton belting under a half-inch. See tutorials here and make one in your version.

DIY Cute Little Click Clack

It is a simple musical instrument that is easy to make in minutes. You will need cardboard, two metal bottle tops, strong craft glue, googly eyes, and paint. Cut the cardboard and fold it in half. Glue the bottle on the tops. Check out more steps here.

Homemade Rainbow Xylophone

Let’s gather the tools and supplies. We will need window casings, a saw, scrap wood, and acrylic paints. Cut the window casings in various lengths. Make eight to twelve bars. The more bars, the more sounds will be. Check out more instructions here.

DIY Drum

Complete your musical instruments with a DIY drum. You will need a tin can, colorful tape, cord, tassel, and balloon. Start by covering the tin can with colored tape. Stretch a giant balloon over the tin.  


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