We might have a similar story about where our socks go. Losing them is not a new thing. It is such a mystery that anyone can’t answers. We can’t use only one, can we? What do you think? Do you have any idea what to do with your orphan sock? In this article, we have gathered DIY toys using socks. Check them out further and get more inspiration to make sock toys for your kids. They might love to make sock crafts with you.

DIY Sock Dolls

Diy sock doll


Look at these awesome dolls. They are quite customizable. You can make big or small, men or women, or any other styles. Change the color and hair. Then, make more dolls in your version. Oh, you can sell them online too. Check out the instruction here.

Homemade Sock Shark

Sharks are popular. We tend to hear the song “Baby Shark” anywhere. What about making a sock shark by hand? Are you ready? You will need an orphan sock in blue color. Prepare googly eyes to make it more alive. Then, see the tutorials here.

DIY Sock Elephant

You will need socks, felt, a rubber band, googly eyes, and ribbon. Fill them with cotton or other materials. Then, attach accessories. This craft needs no sewing skills. What do you think? A no-sew thing is super easy, even for a DIY newbie. Follow the instructions here.

DIY Sock Pony

What a cute pony! You can make it at home soon. Prepare an orphan sock, felt, and yellow wall thread. Get some tools like glue, scissors, and sewing tools. See the instructions here. We believe you can finish this craft in less than an hour. You may ask your kid to make it with you on the weekend.

Easy Homemade Sock Pig

Giving a toy like this little sock pig is a great idea. Your kid will love it. It looks so cute in pink. Creating this craft is not tricky. You will need a pink sock and pink felt. Get some tools like glue, needle, and thread. Then, see the tutorial step by step here

DIY Little Penguin

Get a black sock and combine it with white felt. It will give you a cute little penguin. Customize the scarf and hat. Add googly eyes to it for a more adorable look. You can make it soon with your kid. 

DIY Sock Worm

Fill in the sock with cotton. Then, tie some parts with a rubber band. Add pipe cleaners as the antlers. Finish it by adding googly eyes. Easy, huh? This project is adorable and affordable for anyone.


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