People choose to buy something online because it is easy and more practical. They don’t have to get in the car and go to get anything they want to buy. They only sit on the chair and click. In less than a week, the product they want will come. It is fun, you know. Well. What about we use this to make more DIY things and sell them online? We will earn money without selling them door to door. Check out our list below and get inspired about what to sell online!

Paper Invitation Craft

Paper invitation craft


Are you an illustrator? What about selling your art online? You can draw anything and become an artist. Let others print your art and make it as a paper invitation. Yes. You can sell your font style too. It is brilliant, huh? People will use your font to make paper invitation crafts, name tags, and other things.

Digital Art

Illustrators are in their golden age right now. Various platforms accept more illustrators to sell their art online. We can start from Shutterstock, iStock, DeviantArt, and many others. Furthermore, they can sell their work in terms of wall art, frame art, and more.

Printed T-Shirt

What are you waiting for? Make your art and sell it online as a piece of printed T-shirt. It is a craft that many people look at. Buying printed T-shirts online is on trend. Why don’t you take advantage of it? Make your designs, sell them as much as possible, and earn a lot of money.

DIY Fabric Flower

Many designers look for fabric flowers to make a beautiful dress. You can grab this chance to make more fabric flowers and sell them online. Be more creative! There are thousands of fabric flower designs. Fabric flowers are versatile. People uses them for completing dresses or for decorating a home.

DIY Scented Candle

We will need a few ounce candles and wax kits to make this craft. Various styles and fragrances you can use to make more scented candles. One candle will create such a comfortable atmosphere on a cool night. You can make it in fifteen minutes.

DIY Resin Jewelry

Making jewelry items will be fun. You can make a DIY pendant and sell it online. Make sure that your design is pretty and unique. You can check some tutorials online about how to make resin jewelry items. Sell them by promoting them on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media. You are free to sell it on many platforms too.


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