DIY lovers will not just spend time making things, but they can sell DIY products and earn money. Since they are creative, the products will look different from anything in the world. People love something unique and beautiful for their homes, and DIYers will make more things like that. We have collected DIY things anyone can make at home and sell online or offline. Do you wish to get money from making things? Check out our ideas below. Ready? Here we go.

DIY Wine Cork Keychains

Diy wine cork keychains


After drinking a few bottles of wine, save the corks. We can make some keychains from them. Making keychains is not tricky. You will only need to attach the jump ring and hoop. Then, add the label. We can sell DIY wine cork keychains at a craft store. 

DIY Yarn Ball Bookmarks

Make some yarn balls in different colors. Add a ribbon or yarn thread to them to get bookmarks. Sell these crafts in a craft store. Or, you can sell them at an online store too. It is a super easy craft you can make at home in minutes. Feel free to customize the color combination or any other creative ideas.

Handmade No Sew Market Tote Bag

People buy plastic bags or paper bags to carry their goods. What about changing them with tote bags? We can make them at home without spending a penny. We will only have to cut an old T-shirt in freestyle. Then, you will get as many tote bags as you want to carry your goods. Check out Martha Stewart to see how to make a DIY tote bag.

DIY Gold Marbled Pencil Cup

Make your desk looks tidier by placing pencils in a cup. Making a pencil holder is not hard. We will need a tin can and paints. First, clean the tin can and spray gold paint on it. Add white touches to give an abstract tone. Then, you will get it looks beautiful.

DIY Removeable Pillow Case

We love to play with pillows sometimes. What about making some pillowcases this week? We will need some sheets of fabric in different colors and or patterns. Then, sew it by hand. Check out here to see the instructions to make it. 

DIY Crafty Rope Bowls

What a cute bowl! You can make it in minutes. Get a plastic bowl and cover it up with rope. Don’t forget to apply glue first to make it strong.

DIY Fabric Pots

It is an easy craft that will make you earn a lot of money. Cover the pot with fabric. Make it strong using mod podge. Then, let it dry under the sun. Sell it and earn dollars as much as possible. 


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