Children love decorating. Why don’t you ask them to decorate their door? We tend to see child room door looks so plain without any difference from adults. Adding some crafts to it will be a great idea. You can select the theme you want. You may ask your kid to choose a long-lasting theme that will work for any season. Whatever it is, decorating a room door will be fun. We have collected DIY door decorations for children’s rooms that will inspire you. Check them out further!

DIY Door Decor with Toy Hanger

Diy door decor with toy hanger


It is a simple decoration for a child’s room door. We can attach a toy hanger and put on his toys there. It will keep the room tidy and clean as well. It works well for all seasons. So, you don’t have to change the theme. Just hang up the toys in each pocket, and you will get the door looks so cute with the toys smiling at you.

DIY Chalkboard Paint and Hook

This décor might work well for a boy’s room. However, you can do it for your little girl too. Apply the chalkboard paint and attach the hook. He will play the basketball inside and make a three-point here. Who knows? Then, the chalkboard paint is for him to show his imagination with drawing or writing. 

Decorating with Rabbit Stickers

Let your little girl sees a rabbit face before she sleeps. It will make her mood better. So, she will sleep well and has a nice dream. Then, she will wake up happily. Draw the rabbit face or use rabbit stickers to decorate it. You can finish it in minutes.

Easy Rainbow Paint Door

It is an easy way to paint the door. What about making it a rainbow look? In this picture, a child’s room door looks adorable with a rainbow painting. Then, there is nothing hard to do. Apply the brush to the top and let the paint falls. Easy, right? This way will not corrupt your bank account at all.

Door With Height Measure

what about adding a height measure at the back of your kid’s room door? It will remind you how she grows up well every day. You can make it by hand drawing or buying the height measure sticker from an online store. Customize it by adding accessories like stars, clouds, or other pieces you like.

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