Crafting is fun. You can show your imagination and creativity by making items. Furthermore, you can sell all you have made and earn money. What do you think? You can start by making something that is affordable and easy. What about making a cute bucket? You can display or use it to save pins, thread, or other small things to keep your desk clean and tidy. Read this article further. We will show you how to make it.

How to make diy cute bucket in four easy steps0

Prepare the tools and supplies. We will need a plastic cup and craft thread or wool thread. Prepare scissors, glue, tape, and a glue gun. You can buy them all in a craft store. Or, you might already own them and can easily take them from storage.

How to make diy cute bucket in four easy steps1

Cut the plastic cup and rest the bottom. After that, apply tape, and make it stronger with glue. You can start attaching the thread to the cup. Go up and down through the slots of the cup It seems like running zig zag. Do you know what we mean?

How to make diy cute bucket in four easy steps2

Continue running the thread slot by slot. To ease you do it, you can put it on a table. This process is easy, and you will do it in minutes. Make sure that you run the thread strongly without resting any space. If it is not, you might see it dull and weak. Customize the color you like. You can go with orange, pink, blue, green, or other hues.

How to make diy cute bucket in four easy steps3

Cover all slots and cut the rest. You will see a cute bucket in your hand. You can do the same step with bigger cups for more purposes. If you can finish the small bucket in minutes, you will not get any problem making another bucket with the same tricks.

How to make diy cute bucket in four easy steps4

In the last step, attach decorative items like fabric flowers, pom poms, laces, or anything you want. Finish it by adding the handle. What do you think? It is pretty, huh? Make as many buckets as possible. You can use them to store pins or other small things. Oh, you can sell them online and earn a lot of money. 



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