Does your child ask you to buy a new robot toy for him? A robot’s price might be so expensive. What about making it by hand? Look around your home! There might be some materials that you can use to make a robot. Making a robot will need several minutes depending on your craft skills. However, you will love the result. You can ask your little one to make a DIY robot with you. Check out our list below and see the homemade robot projects list to inspire you!

Homemade Spinning Brushbot

Homemade spinning brushbot


This robot is made of the head of a toothbrush. Other materials you need to make it are a mini vibration motor, mounting tape, a 3V cell battery, and google eyes. While the supplies are scissors, wire strippers, and cutting pliers. Check out more from Researchparent to check how to make this brush bot.

Homemade Vampire Robot

Do you want to make a robot with a simple material? Look at this vampire robot. All you need to prepare is cardboard. Then, make the robot design and cut it out. Draw the face, body, and legs on the cardboard. Check out more from Instructables

Homemade Snack Robot

What comes to your mind after seeing this snack robot? Hungry? Well. It can be said so. This robot is made of some snacks that look so cute. You can make it with your kids. Make it more alive by adding google eyes. We believe your kid will love this homemade robot too.

DIY Puppy Robot

Whether boys or girls will love this craft. It is not a tricky project. You will need cardboard in different colors, a black marker, split pons, glue, scissors, rope, and a needle. Then, start making the robot by making the design. Cut the cardboard according to it. Then, attach all the things to make it like a puppy. Follow more instructions here.

DIY Free Printable Robot

Let your son arrange his robot. It is a fun project that he will love doing every day. You can make this fun toy by hand. You will need cardboard in different colors, double tape, and scissors. Then, start making the robot your want.

Homemade Marshmallow Robots

It is a sweet robot that your kids will love. We make it from red shots, candy, skittles, sprinkles, gummi life, life save, sandy necklace, gums, candy dots, and other marshmallows. Cool right? Why don’t you make it soon?


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