Do you want to play with your kids this summer? Do it in the backyard. You can do lots of things with them while enjoying the weather. Summer days will let us play outside anytime. Ask the kids to make summer games. Then, you can play with them. We have collected DIY backyard games in this article. You can copy them easily. Most of our ideas are easy and affordable to make. Check them out further below and get more inspiration.

DIY Simple Ring Toss Game

Diy simple ring toss game


This game is great for toddlers. If you want a handy DIY game, a simple ring toss game is what you need. You only need to cut a wood plank into a circle. Then, attach some wooden sticks to it. You can follow the instructions from momendeavors.

Little Backyard Racetrack For Cars

It should be pretty easy to create your own. You have to prepare all the tools and supplies. Ask your crafty kids to make it with you. You will need some tiny faux trees, traffic stations, and other things. This race car track is a super fun game. Your boys will love it very much and the girls too.

DIY Tetherball for Backyard

You can make this game for $45. If your kids love playing tetherball at school, making this for them in your backyard is a great idea. You will need an old tire, a stick, and a ball. Follow the instructions on how to make it here. Make sure that you have collected the tools and supplies. It might need several hours to make, but you will love the result and enjoy this game.

DIY Four-in-a-Row in the Backyard

Enjoy your holiday with the kids and play this game together. It will be fun. Making this game is not hard. You can see how to make it here. Furthermore, this game will never go out of date. So, you can play it again for the years. Well. It is not a tricky project if you have the tools and materials. So, be ready for them and start to make this game soon.

DIY Balloon Darts

It will be fun to play with these balloons all day in summer. It will test your eye and hand conditions. Playing this game with your kids will rid your stress and make the kids happy. Start to make it and enjoy your time. See who is the best at shooting the balloons!


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