Besides preparing the decoration and outfits to welcome summer, you should also think about the interesting activity that you will do during summer. Here, having some games with your friends will be awesome. Well, you might have indoor games but it will be great if you prepare for the outdoor games. It will be awesome to spend your time outside during summer since you can enjoy the warm sunlight. That is why having outdoor games is such a perfect one. You can make your own games with some materials available around your house. Here are some summertime game inspirations that you can make.

DIY Tic Tac Toe Game

Games will be so much fun in the summer! Making DIY games is a creative idea that you can try right now. This tic tac toe game is made with a DIY project using wood material, will look creative and work well. Painted in white and blue will make this tic tac toe game look more attractive with the resulting color combination. What’s cooler than the tic tac toe game, which has a fairly large size, can be enjoyed by both children and adults. These DIY game ideas will never fail to make summer even more memorable and can be used indoors or outdoors while enjoying the beauty of the garden.

Bowling Game

Do you like creativity? Making a DIY summer game is a very interesting idea. There are many types of games that you can make this summer, one of which is bowling games. It doesn’t have to be expensive, all you need is a few used plastic bottles and a mini globe. You can take this DIY bowling game to your backyard and it will make your summer more festive and fun. This DIY game idea is very easy to make so that anyone can try it and children really like it.

Toss Game

Bring games to your summer celebrations to make it even more fun. Instead of buying them at the store, you can make DIY games to make them look more creative. Toss game is made with a DIY project using wood. Coated with colored paper, will make this game toss look bright and suitable in summer. Then you can make the hook using aluminum foil so that it is easier to shape. Placing it in an outdoor area, will be more flexible and make your summer more enjoyable.

Snakes and Ladders Board Game

You can never fail to bring this game to a summer celebration. Snakes and ladders game is one type of game that is easy to make and will never fail in the summer. Made using paper media, it will make it very simple and can be tried by anyone. Having a weather theme, will make this snake and ladder game look interesting and very liked by children. Equipped with dice, making this snake and ladder game look perfect and very interesting. This game idea is suitable for children and can be used at home.

Rock Domino Game

Dominoes is one of the games that you can use to enliven the summer celebrations. Instead of buying it at the store, you can make this domino game yourself at home so it will look more creative. This domino game made using rock will present a unique and different look than usual. Painted in blue, will make it look more beautiful and more perfect. Having a fairly unique shape makes this rock domino able to attract everyone who sees it. This game is very flexible, can be played indoors or outdoors while enjoying the beauty of nature.

DIY Travel Game

Make your summer celebration more fun by bringing games there. You can make your own DIY travel games at home to be more creative and inspiring. In this project, all you need is an ice cream stick and watercolors. Then you can use brightly colored watercolors to make a circle pattern on the ice-cream stick so it will look more attractive. This DIY game is very easy to play and very suitable for your children.

Ring Toss Game

Making DIY games is a very creative thing to make your summer more memorable. This ring toss game is one type of game that you can present in the summer. Made using wood material will make it present a natural look. But that’s not enough, painting it with a bright color will bring out a festive look that’s perfect for summer. The combination of pink and blue that is used to make this ring toss game will present a beautiful appearance. This DIY toss game is very suitable to be played in outdoor areas and is very liked by children and adults.

DIY Wooden Jenga Game

Express your creativity by making DIY summer games. Jenga is one of those games that you can make yourself at home and is perfect for summer. Made using wooden blocks, it will make it look simpler with a natural touch. Leaving it with its original color, will make this wooden jenga present a quite aesthetic appearance. This DIY jenga is very easy to make and very suitable for children and adults. This game idea is very suitable for use in outdoor areas so that it is more flexible to play.

Slingshot Game

There are many games that you can present at your summer celebration to make it more fun. Slingshot game is one type of game that is small in size and suitable for summer. Instead of buying it at the store, this slingshot was made with a DIY project using a branch that has a Y shape. Painted with a combination of two colors will make this slingshot look beautiful and attractive. This game should be played by adults and is suitable for playing in the garden or forest near your house.

PVC Pipe Golf Game

This DIY game you will never fail to present at a summer celebration. Standing gold game name. Made using PVC pipe material will make it very easy to make and suitable and safe for children. Having several color combinations, will make this game look more attractive and suitable for a summer theme. This PVC Pipe golf game has a size large enough so that it is suitable for outdoor use. Placing it under a tree, will make it more comfortable because it is more shady. This DIY game idea is suitable for all ages from children to adults.

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