You might have an old bike hiding at the back of your garage. It saves your nostalgic feeling, but the condition is not too good. You will never want to ride it and choose the new one. What will you do with it? So, what about we take the wheel and make a new thing with it? The wheels are in a perfect circle. We can create DIY projects with them. Check out our list below! We have gathered DIY projects using old wheels to improve your décor. Let’s see and get inspired!

DIY Bicycle Wheel Lamps

Diy bicycle wheel lamps


Instead of throwing the old bicycle, why don’t we turn it into a new thing? Let’s make a lamp with it. We will need a mountain bike wheel, all-thread rod, nuts, washers, machine screws, drywall anchors, screws, self-drilling screws, wood disk, and LED rope light. Check the tutorials from here and make your version. 

Bicycle Wheel Chandelier

What about making a chandelier from an old bicycle wheel? Is it possible? You can see the tutorials from Hometalk to see how to make it. You will need a bicycle wheel and chain. Hang it on the ceiling and add an LED lamp/ Let’s make your room brighter. It shows a classic feel but works well for any room design.

DIY Bicycle Wheel Chalkboard Calendar

What a cool project! You can make it soon with an old wheel without a tire. You will need plywood, hot glue, chalkboard paint, and sticker labels. Start by gathering all the tools and supplies from a store. Then, count the inverted triangles on the wheel while determining where their position looks nice. Check out further here and begin your project sooner.

DIY Bicycle Wheel Garden Owls

Let’s make an owl for your garden. Start by gathering the supplies needed. We should prepare a bike wheel, two vinyl LP records, two big plastic pot saucers, two metal flan tins, two old CDs, two small jar lids, and a small oval-shaped plastic basket. We will also need the tools; cordless drill, tie wire, pliers, wall hooks, and screws. Check out the steps here

Bicycle Wheel Clock

Using an old bicycle wheel to make a wall clock is brilliant. You will see the big clock that shows the time in your living room. You will need a bicycle wheel, paint stick can lid, weights, clock kit, and yardstick. Check out the tutorials here. Then, turn your old wheel into the same thing with your personal touches. 


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